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My Sick Day as a Stay-At-Home Mom (Part 2)

I continued to groggily sneeze and cough my way through our morning routine.  The day was the same as any other Thursday –except that Lauren, age six, did not have school due to teacher conferences. This meant she and Kate could bug each other all morning while I attempted to care for the baby and clean up after breakfast. After about fifteen minutes of listening to crabby, sick Kate either screaming at her sister or coughing in her face, I decided that the TV needed to go on and to stay on indefinitely.  I was just too sick to care.

The rest of the day was much of the same. We spent a very long, boring day at home because three out of four of us were too sick to leave the house. However,  anyone who has children knows that children with hacking coughs, runny noses and even fevers, seldom … Read More

I’m the Little Sister and the Big Sister: The Plight of My Middle Child

Kate just turned three.  She has an older sister, Lauren who is five and a younger brother, Cooper who is seven weeks.  During my pregnancy, we worked hard to prep Kate for the day she would finally be able to say “I’m the big sister.”  But, shhhhhh!  Don’t tell Kate that this means that she isn’t the baby anymore.

Kate and her older sister have a typical sibling relationship–as in Love/Hate.  They can be playing and sharing one minute and screaming and pulling  hair  the next.  The thing is that Lauren thinks to herself “Well, I’m the biggest and that means I’m the boss.” And Kate, well, Kate is pretty bossy herself.  Let me, rephrase that–Kate is extremely bossy–did I mention sassy?–and if anyone tells her what to do, she looks them in the  eye and blows a wet, noisy raspberry at them.  This includes me, my husband, Grandma and … Read More

The Newborn Chronicles: Week One

I walked into the hospital with my husband for the planned c-section of our third child.  We were excited to meet “Little Brother” and to introduce him to his two big sisters, Lauren and Kate.  Once we were checked in and shown to the pre-op room the nurses started bustling around–there was paperwork to be signed, an IV to insert and monitors to hook-up.  A couple of hours later, our son was born, healthy and crying.  I was immobile on the operating table and only got to sneak a quick peek before he was whisked away and I was left to be sewn up.

Cooper, my husband and I were reunited in the recovery room later and I finally got to hold the little guy and I was finally told his weight and length: six pounds nine ounces and 19 1/2 inches long.  I was surprised to learn our only Read More