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How to Celebrate a Second Birthday – Keeping it Simple but Special

There’s something about a first birthday party. All the huge milestones that a baby goes through in their first 12 months are wonders to behold and celebrate. We often do this by going big – a theme, a smash cake just for them (imagine giving a 10-year-old her own cake and ooohing and aahhhing over how she goes about eating – or decimating – it), inviting TONS of people, lots of pictures (some professional ones included, too), and just an overall humongously over-the-top bash.

Speaking of bashes, I’m not “bashing” the first birthday party. Compared to some, ours have been subdued; compared to others, ours were over-the-top. I guess it all depends on who you are and what you feel is too much. I’m down for the celebration. In retrospect, however, we’ve learned from one child to the next what works best for us (and other friends and family). Maybe Read More

Food Allergies, Food Dye and Four Year Old Festivities

In just three weeks Cooper turns FOUR! Because we’re in the process of selling our house and moving to the suburbs, we’ll be celebrating a week early. His two sisters, three cousins and two best buddies are the only guests at his birthday party this year. And that will feel like plenty of kids, I’m sure! We’re going with a dinosaur theme since dinos are his newest obsession and pretty easy to pull off. I’m opting out of making a dino shaped cake and doing cupcakes instead–easier to make and easier to serve! I’m planning the party for one o’clock on a Saturday so that the kids can come with lunch in their bellies and I won’t have to worry about my kids not eating “healthy food” during the party because when there are that many other kids around, my kids don’t stop moving unless it’s for sugar, flour, eggs … Read More