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Science, MRSA and Hemp: Could this be the new wonder fabric?

Science made a recent discovery that perhaps the rest of us already knew about or at least we had heard that it was a possibility…using MRSA_electron_microscopehemp in fabric can keep nasty bacteria away. On Sunday, June 16, researchers released a recent study conducted by the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) that was conducted to see how long the bacteria methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) could survive on fabrics used in hospital, clinical and long term care homes. Basically, after reading a few fancy medical jargon laid articles, it seems that the findings of this study were that MRSA and other bacteria was able to survive from one to 90 days on the fabric surfaces of cotton, polyester, and polyethelene. In a study of 1,237 hospitals and residential health care homes researchers found that 3.4% of patients were infected with MRSA. This is increasingly higher than … Read More

How to Disinfect Your Diapering Products

How to Disinfect Your Diapering Products

Simply washing your diapering items on hot with a good detergent will routinely help to wash away bacteria. If you are able to put your laundry in the sun to dry, that will also help to kill most germs.

However, if your baby has an infection in the diaper area, your diapering items (diapers, covers, wipes, inserts, and liners) will need to be disinfected each time you use them until about a week after the symptoms disappear. Below are some remedies that may help. Please keep in mind that we are not scientists or doctors, and cannot diagnose or offer treatment for any medical condition. This is simply information that has been researched and compiled from various sources. Also, please be sure to check with manufacturer’s washing instructions and warranty information before starting any disinfecting routine.


Remedy chart for disinfecting Read More