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Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold and Duo Wrap

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In celebration of Earth Day (and, subsequently, Earth Month), we should all take a moment to do a fist pump for, well, ourselves.

You know how environmental naysayers kind of poo-poo (no pun intended) people when they suggest tasks to lessen your footprint? That no matter what you do, it’s not enough? Well, cloth diaper users are killing it in the eco-friendly department.  

Depending on your source, between 18 and 24.7 billion diapers end up in the trash…annually. 
Possibly moreSeriously. 

According to, an average baby goes through 5,000 – 8,000 diapers during the time before potty-training. “The United States alone produces 18 billion dirty diapers annually, thanks to the eighty percent of parents who use disposables.” This adds up to 82,000 tons of plastic and 1.3 million tons of wood pulp. Picture a forest of 250,000 trees, destroyed.Considering that a diaper “lives” on a child’s bum

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Thirsties Wet Bag and Pail Liner

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thirsties photo contest

Thirsties is excited to announce the #ThirstiesRealLife photo contest on Instagram. There are many reasons to love Thirsties and this contest gives fans the opportunity to capture and share their #ThirstiesRealLife moments. From pictures of your #ThirstiesBabies in our diapers to glorious piles of #Thirsties diaper laundry we want you to show us your love for cloth diapering and what #ThirstiesRealLife means to you. To enter your photo(s) simply use the hashtag #ThirstiesRealLife and tag us @ThirstiesInc.

Each week we will choose a featured photo(s) and repost it Thursdays on Instagram with the hashtag #ThirstiesThursdayPhoto. At the end of each month that month’s group of #ThirstiesThursdayPhotos will be showcased on the Thirsties Blog. The Thirsties Team will select a winner and announce it on Instagram the last day of every month. Prizes will vary from month to month, but we will be sure to make it worth your effort. Read More

Happy April, guys! Do you know what that means? It’s Earth Month. And when it’s Earth Month, that means it’s time for the #MakeClothMainstream Challenge!

It may sound obvious, but the general idea of the challenge is to broaden people’s awareness of the awesomeness of cloth diapers. The main event is to bring on some cloth newbies (both high profile and general public) to give fluff a try for three weeks (and, hopefully, beyond). The ambassadors who are selected for the challenge post to social media, YouTube, and blogs to let folks know how their journey goes. And, the fact that our beloved Thirsties is one of many excited sponsors behind all the #makeclothmainstream efforts warms our hearts, doesn’t it?

The 2016#MakeClothMainstreamChallenge

While the kick-off happened last Friday (here are all the participants that were introduced), there’s still plenty of ways to get involved. The Facebook group, The Cloth Diaper Read More