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Whether it’s early or late in your pregnancy, it’s never too late to do some purging. I should know – I’ve undertaken some form of decluttering at every stage of mine so far. I know it can be exhausting sometimes to even think about going through stuff (or getting off the couch at all), but even just tackling one drawer can give you a huge sense of accomplishment.

So, why is pregnancy, of all times, a good time to purge? While it’s an absolutely wonderful time filled with excitement, that excitement can easily turn to anxiety. (Again, I’m speaking from experience. ;-)) Making room for a new little life can mean uprooting other parts of your life. Rooms may need shifting around, the fun baby clothes, toys, and accessories need a place to live – to say nothing of your own constantly shifting wardrobe. Getting on top of it all … Read More


One Size Pocket Diaper

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Our family has been on the hunt for a house for about a million years, it seems. In reality, we’ve been casually looking for a couple of years, but our search has gained urgency with the coming of our second child in November. With two adults, one preschooler (is it weird that I want to continue calling him a toddler at three?), three cats…and now one more little one, our 1,000 sq. ft. home seems to be bursting at the seams. We adore our home and it’s served us well, but it’s time.

I’ve learned that, as with much in life, the best house for us will “happen” when it’s meant to. So, I’m not too stressed about whether we find our new spot sooner (ie before November) or later (ie before our oldest enters school…or college). Because of this, we’ve taken a hard look at our space to figure … Read More


Fab Doublers and Hemp Inserts

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My son is only three years old, but “back-to-school” is still an anxiety-heightening phrase in our household. See, although we’re not doing preschool yet, I’m a school librarian. I LOVE my kiddos at school and enjoy things once the routine returns, but this year will be a whole new ball of wax with a maternity leave come November; my son was born mid-July, so I didn’t have to figure out the logistics of that the first time around.

Not to mention that being afforded the opportunity to stay home with my son all summer is not something I take for granted. I cherish the time we can spend this way, and every single year I go through the same emotional roller-coaster heading back to normalcy. It’s pretty tough.

And, thinking of all the unknowns children face when going back to school – a new teacher, new classmates, possibly the prospect … Read More