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We can’t control every single situation 100% of the time. Heck, I’m sure even saying 50% is generous. So, while I try not to sweat the small stuff or the things that I literally have no say over, my general rule of thumb is to prepare, whenever possible.

In my current case, this has almost everything to do with our bundle of joy, expected to arrive this Friday (via planner C-section). I’ve had a lot going on at work and with my husband’s work, so I’m finally reaching the point of, “I’ve done all I can; it’ll have to work.” And it will, because life has a way of handling things. Mostly. 😉

And all the baby worries that could pop up – will the baby be healthy, will s/he take to breastfeeding, what have we forgotten to do? Let’s call it blind faith, but I’m pretty relaxed about it Read More

Now that we’ve had our Halloween fun, our family is excited about November. We have so much to be thankful for this month, it’s awesome. Between expecting our second little one later next week and one of our favorite holidays shortly thereafter, we’re as pleased as punch!

While we love the fun of Halloween, the mayhem (and excessive candy consumption) aren’t our favorite thing ever. Thanksgiving, however, has so much going for it. It’s one of those holidays that everyone can get behind. It’s a chance to cook a great meal, catch up with family and, unless you work retail or are police/emergency workers (to you I say THANK YOU!), a day to relax and reflect. No need to fight crowds finding the right gift. It *generally* doesn’t start a religious argument on Facebook. But, the best part of Thanksgiving? The gratitude.

This year, I’m hoping to start having more … Read More

*This is a re-post from September 2013 and part of our Thirsties Therapy Help collection.

The answer to this question may seem simple – just change them when they are dirty or wet! However, there is more to it than that. Since babies of different ages will have different outputs, you will need to have a general idea of when you will need to check the diaper, and how many diapers you need to have on hand for each age. Some babies may not let you know when they are wet or dirty, so checking the diaper periodically may be necessary. If switching from disposables to cloth, there may be a considerable difference in the amount of diaper changes.

As a general rule, diapers should be checked every 1.5-2 hours during the daytime. Older babies may go longer in between changes. You will quickly find out what the elimination routine … Read More

Can you guys believe Halloween’s less than a week away?! The fact that it’s on a Saturday this year makes it super fun, but also offers a chance for boredom to creep in. I mean, how does one actually celebrate Halloween when it’s not on a school/work day? (Maybe, as an educator, I’m just used to seeing what we do during the holiday with the kiddos at school.)

Here’s how we plan to do it up. I foresee a creepy breakfast of some sort (pancakes with strawberry “blood” or made purple with crushed blueberries, maybe?), a trip to our favorite farmers’ market, a spooky-but-healthy lunch (to make up for the inevitable junk food), fingers crossed for a long nap and early dinner, fun craft, then getting dressed up for trick or treating! Since our guy’s only 3, we’ll head back early for some popcorn and our traditional Charlie Brown viewing.
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