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Hooray! Summer is officially upon us. For those in the American Southwest, I apologize for my excitement; I know it’s beyond stiflingly hot out there. Sorry!

But, as an educator, I am stoked to be home to focus on my family and writing projects this summer. I’m even happier that our little girl will be sporting a fluff bum 100% of the time.

So, why are cloth diapers perfect for summertime? I’m sharing my favorite reasons today.


The Only Wardrobe Baby Needs – Aside from some safe sunscreen and a floppy hat, a cloth diaper is all the wardrobe you need to worry about on those super hot days. Could you do this in disposables? Sure. But, the fabric and downright adorableness trump sposies any day, right?

Double as Swim Diapers – If you’re in a pinch for a swim diaper while vacationing, an old (unstuffed) pocket diaper shell will … Read More


Thirsties Wet Bag and Pail Liner

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We all love different styles of cloth diapers for different reasons. Ease. Cost. Eco-friendliness. Adorableness. (Is that a word?)

So, I thought it would be fun to throw together a bit of a “personality assessment” according to the different types of cloth. THIS IS FOR ENJOYMENT’S SAKE ONLY, 100% ENTERTAINMENT. We hate generalizations, and some may be totally off (or you could fall into more than one category — I actually fall into several, LOL), so just have fun with it! 🙂



You’re a parent who loves to get more bang for your buck. Snappis, Boingos, or just plain old-fashioned pins don’t phase you in the slightest. You’ve also rigged the perfect, low-cost way to clean off your messy dipes (can you say “poop spatula”?).

This parent also loves meal planning, couponing (possibly even extreme couponing!), and frequenting garage sales. You also don’t mind things

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Thirsties Duo Wraps

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father's day crafts

Father’s Day was kind of a bittersweet holiday in our household growing up. My mom was raising her four children alone after losing her husband to cancer, so it obviously brought up those empty feelings for us all year after year. Luckily, we had a grandfather who filled the role as best he could, so we took any of those negative feelings, along with our handmade gifts from school, over to his house to celebrate the day every year. Watching him turn over our precious, clumsily-made items in his hands with such joy and pride made everything better.

fathers-day-ideasFast forward 30 years and I now not only have a wonderful stepfather to celebrate, but a super loving father-in-law and, most importantly, my husband. I wasn’t sure what a role of “father” was supposed to be – what it really looked like – but he has surpassed any and all expectations. … Read More