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Thirsties Wet Bag and Pail Liner

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Happy Labor Day, guys!

I’ll admit it – I’m pretty excited for autumn. It’s my family’s favorite season by far. But, it’s all too easy to fall into the stressful “do all the fall activities” craziness, especially with the other chaos that occurs – for us, that means sending our older son to preschool, getting back to a routine with Mama heading back to school (which is a whole new ballgame this year since I’m starting at a new school – ahh!), and a hundred other smaller tasks.

So, what’s a fall lovin’ family to do? Simplify.

I’m not saying busy families need to suck it up and not have any fun because things are so crazy. I AM saying that it’s okay to drop the things that aren’t even close to fun or aren’t even kinda fun.

How will I do this? Talk to the boys (our daughter is … Read More

Whether you spent August watching the Rio Olympics, or going to the beach, or line-drying your laundry, or getting your household ready for back to school, we hope that this last month of summer was a fabulous one for you. August is always a bit bittersweet isn’t it? At its beginning there is still so much summer fun still to be had, yet by its end we know we have to kiss summer goodbye and settle back into our usual routines. Before completely jumping into the fall grind let’s look back at August 2016’s #ThirstiesRealLife photos and pin a ribbon on the winning image!

#thirstiesreallife photo contest

#ThirstiesRealLife August 2016 Finalists: @clothmamma16, @purejamieb, @mrs_hokanson89, @msweetyg, and @_cara_marie_

Congratulations to @_cara_marie_ you and your little laundry helper are this month’s winning photo. We’d love to add to your #Thirsties stash with two items of your choice in one of our new summer prints, Cactus … Read More


Thirsties Booty Luster and Organic Cloth Wipes

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There are obviously certain necessities when it comes to taking care of a baby. The whole “food, shelter, love” (and of course a car seat and diapers – preferably cloth) is pretty clear.

But, when you’re getting ready for your little bundle of joy to join your family and you’re trying to prepare as much as possible, it’s easy to fall prey to the “buy all the things” syndrome. Or, for some of us, fall prey to the “a particular someone likes to ‘buy all the things’ for me whether I wanted them or not” syndrome…which is a whole other topic for our therapists.

Back to baby prep. It gets tricky because one item that works great for one child may not work for another, or what one family used for all its kids may not be what you’d like to use. Then, you also have the advice and products … Read More