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One of the best parts of the holiday season is tradition. Traditions can give our holidays a sense of consistency, and help us reach back to warm, love-filled memories of our own childhood. Sometimes we even get so caught up in maintaining our favorite traditions that we find we bury ourselves in a ton of (unnecessary) stress and even lose sight of what the season should be.

I try to remember this when looking ahead on our calendar this upcoming month or so, knowing full well that, this year, something’s gotta give. With a newborn tossed in the mix along with a super active (at times challenging) 3-year-old, I’ve given myself permission to tone it down. Upon making up my mind, I decided to look into the actual meaning of the word “tradition.” Here’s the definition according to Merriam-Webster:


One thing that stands out to me here is the phrase … Read More


So, we are officially the proud parents of two littles. That’s right – on Friday, November 13th, we welcomed our daughter, Harper Quinn, into our silly little nuthouse.

I thought I’d share what we’ve learned in the brief time that we’ve officially been “not quite outnumbered but each have full hands” parents of two (and as second timers on “Team Green” – surprise gender!). Let’s see if any of you parents of 2+ agree or have dealt with any of these things!


It’s a Girl!!! Everyone – strangers, family, coworkers, even me at points – INSISTED it would be another boy. I carried the same way, had a completely identical pregnancy, and the baby was “all in front.” Ha. As we walked into the hospital at 5:30am, we saw a terrified new daddy wheeling his juuuuust born little (I mean little) girl by us and I had my … Read More


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With a new baby in our midst, we’re taking on the holidays with a new attitude: Relaxed, simple, and enjoyable.

Okay, maybe we say this every year, baby or not. “We won’t overdo it.” “We’ll keep things simple.” “This year, we’ll actually enjoy the day.” And, sure, we reach varying levels of these goals.

But, this year, things are incredibly different, and luckily our extended families are on-board.

Take Thanksgiving, for instance. Our usual routine is to switch the meal and dessert every year, meaning that one year we’ll eat the full meal with one of our family’s (say, my husband’s) and the dessert with the other family (in this case, mine). The following year, we’ll switch.

Our families live about a half hour apart, and it has worked out relatively well. Sure, we almost always end up eating some semblance of dessert at the first house and the second Read More