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Last week, I opined about our 4-year-old son heading off to preschool. Along with this, I shared some ways for parents to help children with a smooth(er) transition.

This week, however, I’m addressing another emotional factor: our babies are growing up! I could easily be one of those bloggers that yells at you to put on your big kid panties and suck it up…but I’m going through the ups and downs, myself, and I totally feel for you! Sheesh, Mean Bloggers of the World, have a heart!!

Anyhoo, parents. We see things the littles don’t. We recognize the huge changes that have come between bouncing baby boy (or girl) to tall, relatively coordinated, full-of-questions “big kid.” Our hearts melt when we see kindness in our little buddies, or cringe when they say something blunt (and kinda mean) to a stranger at the grocery store. (Happened just last week. Oh, … Read More

It’s August! Can it be, can it be? The #ThirstiesRealLife Photo Contest got shuffled to the back burner with all the excitement of last week’s release of “Melon Party” and “Cactus Garden.”  By the way, have you seen these fresh and fabulous watercolor prints!

water melon cactus party

Back to the photo contest… Here are the #ThirstiesRealLife July 2016 finalists. Tangled-up cousins, getting adorably stuck, the innocent joy of playing with ribbons, the powers of mommy milk, and the beautiful simplicity of napping on mum, this is truly a heart-warning bunch!


We at Thirsties are honored to be a part of your #ThirestiesBaby’s first years and cherish all of our fan pics. This month’s winning photo is from @naturallymindedhalfthetime


Thank you for capturing and sharing your #ThirstiesRealLife. Happy cloth diapering!


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Our 4-year-old son is finally starting preschool this fall. I say “finally” because a lot of people have chimed in that their little ones were in “school” by two or three. We’ve been lucky to have our little man stay with his grandma everyday but it’s time to give him some fun opportunities – and a chance to make friends who aren’t grown-ups!

Regardless of your circumstances, though, by the time your child is ready for school, you’ve learned that any transition boils down to a BIG DEAL for your little one. Potty training, scary big kid beds, new siblings – it all brings some big emotions for a child to deal with.

So, today I’m sharing some of the tips I’ve stumbled upon as both a parent researching ways to handle things and as an educator who has seen the best and worst “first day of school” experiences.

Oh, … Read More


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