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Thirsties One Size All in One

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As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’ve headed back to work after an extended maternity leave. There have been tears, and will be more, but we’re so, so lucky that my husband’s mother is taking care of our little girl, just like she has for our son. For many families going back to work after maternity/paternity leave means using cloth diapers at daycare.

I thought it’d be fun to talk about cloth diapering and your sitter (whether it’s a relative, family friend, or daycare). I’ve already talked about the fact that CDing didn’t work with our son, but I’m dedicated to it this time around. One of the reasons it failed? We didn’t want to bother our MIL with one more worry. Not only had she not cloth diapered her sons back in the day (which, for some reason, fascinates me), but our son had bad tummy … Read More


Thirsties Booty Luster and Organic Cloth Wipes

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Fun Spring

Happy Spring, everyone! In our neck of the woods, winter has been pretty…non-wintry. Here in upstate New York, we’ve had maybe one not-too-bad storm TOTAL (compared to a dozen or two), and while we’ve got some chilly temperatures this week, there’s no sign that spring isn’t well on its way. Woohoo!

So, with more sunshine and spring breezes ahead, I thought I’d share some simple, fun activities to celebrate it with your little ones.


Sugar Aunt’s Flower Scissor Skills Craft
Great for getting little hands used to handling safety scissors, this super simple craft comes out super cute. Just use cupcake holders and any colored paper you have on hand.

Little Family Fun’s Nature Names Craft

Do you have a little collector in your family like I do? Every walk turns into a “put this in your pocket” adventure.
Now we have a use for all of nature’s odds ‘n … Read More


Yup, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with children’s books! Boy, how our lives sure have changed since our younger days.

But, seriously, it’s never too early to read to children. My husband and I have both worked in libraries (I’m a school librarian), so we feel that it’s important to instill this love of books in our children. It creates a solid foundation of learning, opens a whole new world of imagination, and offers an opportunity for routine bonding time…honestly, the rewards go on and on.

So, today I’m sharing some favorite children’s books to help get your kids in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Curious George – This is a favorite at our house! This series of Curious George holiday books has given us ideas for fun activities and broadened our son’s idea of what each holiday means, and this one is no exception. It actually … Read More