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We’re a family that likes to read. (Well, our one-year-old is juuust getting interested in books, but we’ve read to her brother since he was two weeks old, so it’s old hat to him. I’m a librarian but I give all the credit to my husband – he’s the one who reads most of the time.) In particular, we like to rotate our favorite book titles around through the year. My husband and I get just as excited as our son when a new season or holiday is around the corner to share some new stories.

While the old familiar classics are awesome favorites – ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, the Grinch, The Polar Express – we’ve got a new list developing with some more modern tales.

So, just in case you’d like to try something new with your family, I’m sharing a handful of fun, fresh story ideas, just … Read More


Hey, all! My family and I are in the throes of a big move (the only we’ve ever undertaken with kids and cats in tow) and, boy, do I give credit to all you military families and otherwise multiple-move families out there. My husband and I have said in a sing-song, we’re going crazy time, “this stinks!!!” (but in less G-rated terms) several times over the last weekend.

I thought it’d be helpful to share some of the tips we’ve heard and some that we’ve stumbled over ourselves for anyone who may be dealing with a similar blessing (because, for all the annoyances of a move, it’s usually due to a happy circumstance…at least, it is for us). There are even a couple of Thirsties product shout-outs that made our packing all the easier.

Ask for help. Friends, family, co-workers – whomever you have to bug, don’t be shy … Read More


Family get-togethers can be awkward. Relationships that have evolved from childhood can have weird dynamics. People say things they wouldn’t normally say to a friend, colleague, or stranger right off the street. The differences between family members show clear rifts.

Then, the dreaded topic is brought up.

That’s right. Cloth diapers. (Why? What did you think I was going to say? ;-))

Obviously, people are dealing with some high emotions this year more than any other as the holiday season enters the radar. I thought I’d share some humorous and/or downright blunt talking points to use when a family member judges your choice to cloth diaper. They’re meant in all kindness and with humor – since we know that many families and friends are very supportive of cloth diapering – but may give you a good chuckle to consider using any for any of those eyebrow-raising aunts who’ve argued with Read More


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With one child, you immediately see how quickly the passage of time happens. You can’t believe that, in what feels like a mere second, your little immobile, helpless bundle of softness turns into your favorite, funniest, wisest, silliest real-life person. I’m still blown away with the level of awareness that a 4-year-old can possess at times while maintaining a pure innocence that I protect and cherish at all costs.

After your second (or third or…) child, however, this passage of time is magnified tenfold. You don’t have the time to contemplate all the changes as they’re happening. By the time you appreciate the rolling over your little one has mastered, she’s cruising along the coffee table. Before you know it, she’s pushing away pouches in favor of REAL food when you can remember that she – recently – stuck her nose up at baby-led weaning. You see your kids interacting Read More