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While autumn is our family’s favorite season (we even got married in October because of it), my favorite times of the year are actually the transitions between them. There’s something rejuvenating and exciting about the change from one season to the next. When it comes to summer into fall, it’s the spark of magic as summer breathes its last breaths of warmth and sunshine as the leaves slowly take their opportunity to change into their earthy autumn tones. The sight of pumpkins and mums bursting with color and smell of sweet decaying leaves is great for resetting your attitude, too.

Strangely enough, when the earth goes about its quarterly shifts, our family tends to see our biggest transitions, too. I’ve mentioned that we’re expecting our second little one in November and recently told you all about our son’s change to a “big boy bed.” Throw on (hopefully) the … Read More

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Ahhhh. What is it about autumn that reinvigorates the soul so much? If it’s your favorite season, you get it, and you’re DEVOUT. Sure, lots of people like the newness of spring, and summer’s warmth is great, and winter can be downright magical, but if you’re a lover of fall? You’re a fall-ower of the season. (Yes, I went there.) You make lists of all the things you want to do or see or enjoy out of the season before the first flakes start to fly. (And for those of you in the warm-all-year regions of the world? I just don’t know how you do it!)

I’m a lucky girl. My husband and I are HUGE fans of fall, and our son has loved it ever since we tossed him in his first leaf pile. We’re lucky enough to live in a “four season” area, so today I’m sharing some
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Using treats and/or rewards with your kids.

Some might call it bribery. Others may call it positive reinforcement. Still others might say it’s simply teaching cause and effect. And, like many choices in parenting, it’s a conversation that can definitely get people on either side of the issue touchy.

There are a million and one ways to raise a child, aren’t there? And doesn’t it seem that, no matter the choice you make, someone will offer you an opposing opinion? Especially in this here Internet Land.

Whether it’s a choice I’m glad we’ve made or not, we tend to utilize a loose semblance of a reward system. It usually depends on the exact scenario, but when our son shows that he can act properly (especially in a situation that is normally a bit sticky for him), we may “reward” him with a trip to his favorite book store (whether we … Read More