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Here at Thirsties, we’re passionate about the Great Outdoors. Camping, hiking, simply basking in the breathtaking beauty – it’s one of the things that make life great. That’s why we’re ecstatic to share with you our newest release – during the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service – Thirsties Outdoor Adventure Collection. The Collection includes 4 new nature-inspired prints and 1 new color.  Available in all your favorite sizes, styles, and absorbencies, these colors and prints evoke the fun, serene calm, and beauty of the outdoors.

Thirsties Happy Camper

Happy Camper

This hand-drawn print served as the starting point for the Outdoor Adventure Collection. Our designer doodled some of our favorite aspects of camping and scanned them into her computer, resulting in an adorable work of art. With cheerful birds, quaint picnic tables, classic canoes, s’mores by the camp fire, pop up tents, and even line-drying diapers, this print will make … Read More


The #ThirstiesRealLife Photo Contest showcases the intersection of Thirsties cloth diapers and our customers “real life.” While parenting small children is often less than picture perfect in the conventional sense of the term, #ThirstiesRealLife is always real and that my friends is always beautiful.

We’re bringing our Thirsties fans into the mix even more because this month YOU are selecting the winning photo! Below are October 2016’s finalists. Vote for your favorite photo by telling us your favorite in a comment on this blog post. On Facebook you’ll find an album “#ThirstiesRealLife October 2016 Photo Contest Finalists. You may also vote for your favorite photo by liking that image on Facebook. Voting will close Monday October 31st at 9:00pm and the winning photo will be announced Tuesday November 1, 2016.

Riley from the Thirsties Groupies on #Facebook writes, "Had to share my thirsties natural AIO daycare stash! They look so pretty all lined up in the bin 😍 she's the only cloth baby in our center and our teacher loves her prints! She says it's exciting when I bring in new ones 😂 #thirstiesreallife" Congrats Riley, you're one of our #ThirstiesRealLife feature photos this week. That's right folks, you can use cloth diapers at day care! #photocontest #thirstiesbaby #daycare #clothdiapers #thirstiesreallife

October 6, 2016 Riley from the Thirsties Groupies on #Facebook writes, “Had to share my thirsties natural AIO daycare

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Maybe it’s just us, but we’re not really into the scary side of Halloween. I’ve read that it’s a lot better than it was back in the early 20th century (mayhem and super creepy homemade costumes!), but watching terrifying movies and putting out gruesome decorations that freak the neighborhood kids out just isn’t my idea of fun. I don’t know; maybe I’m just getting boring in my old age. 😉

But, you’d be surprised how many kids are brought up watching these things – and from an early age. I’ve already had a kindergartener tell me that his parents dressed his little sister up as Chuckie last year – and he totally knew who the character was. I’m still hoping he didn’t watch the movie, but ya never know.

So, just in case you’re like me (and if you do like the scary stuff, no offense meant! Everyone celebrates holidays … Read More


We thought we’d take part in one of this month’s School of Cloth link-up posts (sorry we missed the rest of the month, but we’re ecstatic about this week’s topic!). Sponsored by the Real Diaper Association, the School of Cloth is an annual, month-long event full of cloth diapering classes provided by participating Real Diaper Circles, Real Diaper Association businesses, and other CD experts with knowledge to share. Attendees of classes may receive certificates in cloth diapering subjects and will be entered into a drawing for chance to win a cloth diapering package and may even select a qualifying cloth diaper charity (like our favorite, Giving Diapers Giving Hope).

In other words, it’s all about spreading knowledge – and good charity – as far as possible. What’s not awesome about that?

This week’s topic is about cloth diaper advocacy, a subject that’s near and dear to our hearts … Read More


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