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Leaks. Argh! When you pick up your little one and feel something wet on his clothes (especially if it’s started happening on a regular basis), your mind goes into “Why is this happening? How do I fix this??” mode. It’s not a “cloth only” issue when it comes to diapering, but it’s one that we hear about from time to time with cloth.

Our girl, Laura, addressed the topic on a recent #ThirstiesLive and we thought we’d pass along her great info with our readers here.

Before troubleshooting your leaks, it helps to figure out if you have a properly working cloth diaper. This means that it’s a good idea to rule out the following:

– Delaminated TPU. When the laminated material delaminates, you’ll notice that it looks and feels different – kind of bumpy and like it’s been superheated.

– Repelling. If liquid isn’t being absorbed but rather Read More


Today’s post is a lengthy one, but may be helpful for anyone dealing with transitions.

I’m not normally a complainer. I was raised in a very “suck it up and handle things – quietly” way. Maybe it was the Irish Catholic immigrant relatives who had to pull themselves up by their bootstraps trickling down into our generations, but here we are.

Yet, when life gets tough…sometimes you just have to admit it.

As mothers, in particular, we’ve also been “mom shamed” into being (or, at least, SHOWING) the epitome of the perfectly-together parent. Juggle all issues, big and small. Remember every detail. Make the perfect, nutritious meals. Save the world…while meeting our own deadlines and work responsibilities (and never, ever be seen with a pizza box in your hand).

So, our family is undergoing some transitions. Admittedly, on their own I’d be fine juggling them, but as they build Read More

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Last year, I posted an article with a round-up of fun fall activities to do with your family. The year before, I posted a “frugal fall fun” list of ideas. Many of these ideas turned out great for my family and can still apply, but this year I’m keeping it even simpler – while still making the most of our family’s “favorite season.”

Fast forward a year and things are even more hectic than usual – and I know many of you can relate no matter what season of life your family is experiencing. In our case, we have our third baby on the way (due at the end of October), we’re celebrating a year in our new house come November (and still sometimes feel like we haven’t totally unpacked!), and are undergoing some family transitions with our oldest heading to kindergarten and my starting at a new Read More

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