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We can’t think of a better way to start 2017 than with a celebration of cloth diapers and adorable little ones. Well friends, that is exactly what the #ThirstiesRealLife Photo Contest is ALL about! The early years of our children’s lives are here and gone before we know it. Thankfully, as photographer Roger Kingston says, “A camera is a save button for the mindseye.”

In that spirit, every month Thirsties has a fun photo contest in which folks capture and share their #ThirstiesRealLife moments on Instagram or in the Thirsties Groupies on Facebook. On Thursday every week we select one or two feature photos, which become finalists in the photo contest. At the end of the month fans vote for their favorite photos. Here are the finalists for January 2017.


This month we had a record number of votes, over 1,000! Now that’s what we call working to #makeclothmainstream! We … Read More

By far, one of our family’s favorite times is bath time. Our kids are just over 1 year and 4 years old, respectively, and are still at that “90% of the time we’re best friends” phase, so even if we wanted to keep them apart during bath time, it’d be impossible. Our daughter will literally try to climb into the tub with her clothes on; that girl is tenacious. So, splash time it is!

But, I recently realized that we’ve turned one of the funnest activities for our kids into a learning time, as well. Aside from just getting the kiddos clean, their toys and games have become learning tools. Here are our favorites…

Foam Letters and Numbers – The easiest (and least messy) way to get your kiddos learning during bath time is to get a set (or two) of foam letters and numbers. They help kids unknowingly … Read More

Thirsties Duo Wrap and 2 Duo Hemp Prefolds

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The world of cloth diapering can be a lonely one. Even if your parents used cloth (as did mine), the game has changed SO much that much of what was done has completely changed. Sure, a few people still use pins with prefolds, but rubber pants are almost non-existent these days in favor of comfy, adorable covers, wraps, and pockets. When I asked my mother about her cloth experience, we realized how utterly different things had become – which means more choices, better technology, and greater options for your own baby’s needs today.

Luckily, there are communities like our Thirsties Official Facebook Page and Thirsties Groupies Official Fan Chat that allow us to share our love of cloth diapers, as well as our questions and concerns.

But, sometimes posting so publicly can be intimidating, especially for folks who are new to cloth. Sometimes you just need a concise but … Read More

hygge title
Whether it’s the post-holiday slump or just the general malaise that comes with the cold winter season, it’s easy to feel down this time of year. It’s been debated, but it’s generally felt that the lack of sunshine and warmth has both emotional and physical effects on us.

This said, I’ve always wondered how this might compare for people living in the Scandinavia. You know – places that are known for having super long dark winter days. Well, you might already have heard of hygge (pronounced similar to “hue-ga”), a philosophy in Denmark that translates to coziness, a welcoming atmosphere, and enjoying the good things in life.

Odds are you’ve already experienced hygge without even realizing it. Christmastime (and all the songs that describe it) is the perfect explanation of how to get your hygge on. It’s the time of year that we most embrace and enjoy the chill of Read More