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Thirsties Duo Wrap and Stay Dry Duo Insert

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I mentioned last week that our family resolution for 2016 is positivity (among other things). Another “word of the year” is also going to be “cloth” – with an accent on keeping it low-stress. Because, life.

As our little newborn girl (at what point do they switch from “newborn” to “infant” or even “baby”?) continues to beef up and lessen her – shall we say – messier diapers, we’re looking to finally take the cloth diaper plunge. You can read about our experiences/failures with our son in this blog post, but this time we’re dedicated to making it work without stressing ourselves out about the whole thing.

So far, we’ve prepped a plethora of diaper styles and done a handful of days with the little one to stick our toes in (again). I was hoping to make January 1st our official “daytime diaper switch” day, but since we have Read More

NYE Thirsties

Does you cloth diaper stash need a new beginning? Are you or someone you know curious about cloth diapering, but hesitant to take the plunge? Thirsties has a giveaway just for you! We want to help someone ring in the New Year with a new beginning in cloth diapers. The winner will receive a Thirsties starter pack: 2 OS AIO, 2 Duo Wraps, 3 Hemp Prefolds, 1 Pocket Diaper, 1 Hemp Insert, Wet Bag, and Booty Love. This giveaway isn’t just about winning fabulous products, it’s also an opportunity to learn more about how Thirsties cloth diapers can benefit your baby, your household, and your world. The giveaway form will take you on a fun tour of Thirsties cloth diapering resources. Are you ready for your baby’s new beginning in cloth diapers! Sharing is caring so remember to tell your friends about this giveaway. Wishing you the best in 2016!… Read More


Thirsties Duo Wrap and Two Duo Hemp Prefolds 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

new year thirsties

Now that the fun and frantic Christmas holiday has come and gone, it’s time to turn our attention toward the coming of a fresh year. Some see it as an opportunity to set new goals, others consider it to be just like any other time of the year — I have always fallen somewhere in the middle. Some years I make a resolution (or two) while other years I just try to pull myself out of the post-Christmas funk with some purging and organizing, both of my home and my soul. I’m not against resolutions, though. A new year is a great opportunity to remind oneself to reflect and make changes.

But, ever since starting a family, I find myself thinking not of what my own goals are, but more of what we, as a family, can do to improve or embrace life. Sure, my husband can feel free to … Read More