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Now that we’re deep in the throes of winter, it’s only a matter of time before the kids start climbing the walls. (Okay, okay…parents, too.) As much as we’d love to live the life where we can summon the energy to bundle up and take full advantage of all nature has to offer on a daily basis, it’s just not plausible. Unless you’re Wonder Woman or Superman. In which case, you rock and I’m jealous. Reeeaaally jealous.

But, since most of us aren’t fictionalized characters, it’s nice to have some ideas in our arsenal to fight off kids’ cases of the “I’m Boreds” and the dreaded “How Does One Literally Bounce Off Walls?!” Many of these ideas are for younger kids but can be adapted for the older crowd, too.

If you were in the line of this past weekend’s storm, in particular, today’s tips for some indoor fun around
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Thirsties Newborn All in Ones

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Today in America, we honor the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. Because it’s a national holiday, this allows many of us to enjoy a day off. But, many don’t realize that, beyond being a means of celebrating the peaceful fight that Dr. King and the many others who fought to win African Americans their equal rights in America, it’s also a day of service in his memory.

When I’m not on maternity leave, I teach in a school library. I usually discuss Dr. King and the others who have helped for the fight for equality from now through February for Black History Month. Through media, plays, role play, and, of course, great books, I’ve found that you can actually open up the topics of fairness, diversity, equality, and service to a wide range of ages. Most children are able to understand not only these concepts but the fact that Read More


2 Duo Wraps

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This time of year is rife with resolutions. Some hope to get organized. Others want to get their finances in order. But, what’s the #1 resolution in the country, year after year? To lose weight and get fit.

So, now that 2016 is a couple of weeks old, maybe the gym is getting old. Maybe you don’t want to spend the money on a membership. Still yet, maybe you simply don’t have the time to steal away to the gym. In my case, I don’t focus on the weight, but rather the health. I’m hoping to get my body used to being non-pregnant again and grab some extra energy wherever possible. It’s not a resolution here; just happens to be that my doctor gave me the okay to exercise again.

Whatever your reason for wanting to be healthy, I thought it’d be fun to share five ideas for getting a Read More