Grungy sheets and dirty socks,
Soiled dresses by the box.
T-shirts, shorts and underwear,
Til I am sure I just can’t bear

Once more blasted load and then
Once it’s done, it starts again!
Rinse it, soak it, wash it twice,
Once it’s clean, won’t it be nice?

Bleach it, scrub it, extra spin,
Then to the dryer, pop it in!
Fluff it up and dry it out.
Is this what life is all about?
Fold the shirts and crease the slacks,
Hang undies on the drying rack.

Shirts are folded , socks in pairs.
Now to carry it all upstairs.
Sort it, stack it. Put it away.
Tomorrow is another day,
Of washing, drying, folding too.
O’ Laundry, Laundry. I hate you.

But not all laundry is so bad
My Thirsties never make me mad.
I close the tabs on the hook and loop,
And try not to touch the poop.
Covers, inserts, fab fitteds too,
Reusable wipes? I’ve used a few.
Next my wet bag goes into the machine,
Add the pre-wash and start to clean.

Next I add the Super Wash,
And turn the temperature to Hot.
When the dipes are spic and span
I toss them in the drier and
Watch our fluffy diapers spin.
And once they’re dry I will begin
To sort the covers, fold and stuff,
I just love to wash my Fluff!