MothersDay.Thirsties.5313For the first time during my entire mothering experience I have finally understood why Mother’s Day was created. It was a Tuesday; Brennan had been giving me a hard time for the entire day. Keep in mind that Brennan is four and a half so when he gives me a hard time it’s in the form of disrespect, mouthing off, and complete disobedience. On this particular day my normally polite child demanded a snack. If I said “no” this resulted in a complete temper tantrum; face beet red, arms flailing, and feet stomping. This behavior continued whenever I declined any request he made – gargantuan or minute.

Typically I’m a tougher mom than to let my four and a half year old affect my emotions so much but after the fifth demand to watch a TV show and the fifth meltdown at the undesired answer of his request I had reached my limit. It probably has more to do with the fact that my lady friend was visiting that day so hormones were definitely raging.

After a few more tantrums I did what any mom in today’s world would do: I took to the world of social media to voice my frustrations. “I feel like all I am seen as today is a maid and cook,” I declared to the Facebook world. Seeing my job change announcement my other mommy friends clicked that ever so popular like button and then explained that they weren’t liking the fact that I felt that way rather they completely resonated with how I was feeling. I felt like taking Brennan by the shoulders and saying, “Look kid, I took you to the library this morning can’t you be appreciative of that?” Of course, I didn’t do this; besides there’s really no way of reasoning with anyone under the age of 18 but you better believe that I wanted to. Thankfully my better judgment kicked in.

Isn’t this the truth though? As mothers we give and give and give; I know that all I really want is for someone to say, “thank you.” The irony is that when I was a child I willingly took anything my mother wanted to give to me. Like Brennan, I too badgered and nagged my mom until I got what I wanted and if I didn’t, I’m certain I went into full tantrum mode.

At the end of the day, after my husband had come home and the kids were in bed, I sat back and thought about everything that had happened. I thought about how I was feeling, wondered if what I was doing was more than just wiping butts and making chicken nuggets. Then an image of my own mom popped into my head and I instantly felt guilty. Had I treated her this way? Did she have days like this when I was a child living at home? I’m sure that she did and you know what? Her constant care taking of me has made me the woman I am today. Her selfless nature taught me how to be selfless with my own children.

Mother’s Day is this weekend and my challenge to you is to think of a way to thank your own mom for those difficult days. What will you do?

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