For those of you who have learned to sew, or want to try, you can add new life to your diapering products after the item is out of warranty. It does take a little time, but it is well worth it if the item is still in good shape otherwise.

You will need two male closure tabs, two female closure tabs, and two laundry tabs per item. If you are replacing the Aplix strip in front, you will need some 1 Β½ inch loop tape as well. Use a jeans needle to be able to penetrate the Aplix and avoid skipped stitches. Use a strong cotton or cotton/polyester blend thread.

For closure tabs:

  1. Cut off rounded end of old Aplix tab, taking care not to cut the fabric.
  2. Rip out the stitching from both the top and bottom Aplix tab.
  3. Center new male tab on inside of cover or diaper, and stitch from top of tab to bottom (over the white binding) to secure.
    Center female tab on front of cover or diaper, and line up with the bottom male tab. 

  4. Stitch through male and female tab where the male and female loops start, about 1/8 inches from edge.

If you are interested in more photos in the tutorial, please send me a note at πŸ™‚