If you are looking for ways to make your nursery more “green” there are many things you can do.  Using cloth diapers and washable, reusable wipes is a great place to start. But what else can you do?

Let’s start with paint.  Whether you are planning to paint your baby’s nursery rose petal pink, sky blue or grasshopper green, you can find non-toxic, odor-free (and even organic!) paints.  Not only are these paints not harmful to the environment, they are safer for baby too.  Because they are non-toxic, there is no “out-gassing.” The out-gassing process is what causes that “new paint” smell and the gasses can cause dizziness, headaches and nausea.  It continues to occur as the chemicals age and breakdown over time.

Flooring and Furniture
What about flooring?  Since synthetic carpets and rugs also contain harmful chemicals that can be released into the air, choose one made of natural fibers–like wool, hemp or cotton.  If you choose to install carpet, there are even low VOC adhesives that can be used during installation.  There are plenty of companies that specialize in green furniture and accessories (like rugs) that are made from earth-friendly and health-conscious materials–just do an online search.  If those options don’t fit your budget, try looking in your local thrift stores or yard sales for great deals on gently used items. If they need a little TLC, just sand them down and touch them up with some non-toxic paint and you can customize your finds to match your nursery!

Baby Products
All natural baby products are hot items these days–just look in the “Natural Section” at your grocery store to find them.  You’ll see soaps and lotions that contain organic and natural ingredients like chamomile, lavender, palm oil and coconut oil. Yum!  You can also make sure that any products you buy come in containers that can be recycled or refilled. To reduce the amount of plastic headed for the landfill, use biodegradable trash bags in your trash can.  OR you can keep a couple of cloth sacks on hand and simply take them out and empty them whenever they are full.  Then you can wash and re-use them for as long as they last.

Your baby’s nursery is a special place.  Making it green is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your baby too. And if you are planning to have an environmentally friendly nursery–why not bring these changes to the rest of your house?  Recycling, reusing and reducing waste is good for the earth, for your family and for your wallet!