There are many reasons why cloth diapers can leak but usually there is a simple solution to fix the problem. Last week we discussed four possible scenarios why cloth diapers can leak. To view reasons 1-4 please visit the previous post here.

Here are some more reasons and solutions:

5 ) Using the wrong detergent can lead to build-up and can make your diapers repel. Due to factors such as water mineral content and alkalinity, what can work for some will not work for others. Our very own Thirsties Pre-Wash and Super Wash is safe for your diapers, your baby, and the planet we share. Thirsties Pre-Wash and Super Wash is a bit more costly than store brands, but some detergents can come free with a headache (can cause stink and repelling) and can actually ruin your diapers. Please read our Care and Use:  info for complete washing instructions.
Solution: Change detergent.

6 ) Fabric softeners and diaper rash ointment can coat the fibers of your diapers and make them leak.
Solution: Strip your diapers by replacing your detergent with 1-2 Tablespoons of Classic Dawn dish soap. (For HE machines, you will use only 2 TEASPOONS to strip, and add another rinse. Please check with the manufacturer as using dish soap may void your warranty.)
(Some products like lanolin or petroleum jelly (Petrolatum) are very hard if not impossible to get out.)

7 ) The diaper does not meet the absorbency needs of your baby.
Solution: In this case, consider adding a cotton doubler or hemp insert to every change.

8 ) The waterproof lamination on your diaper or cover needs to be resealed. If you feel that the liquid is coming through the fabric, examine the lamination for cracks, holes or peeling. If this is the case, please refer to our replacement warranty at:
If you do not see any flaws, you can test the lamination. Put your cover face up on the counter and pour a small amount of water onto it. Make sure not to touch the binding or elastic – this will cause the water to wick onto the fabric. Let the water sit for a minute, and then lay a towel into the cover to soak up the water. Examine the outer fabric to see if the liquid came through. If not, please refer to the above reasons for leaking.
Solution: An occasional 15 minute tumble in the dryer on high is actually beneficial to the waterproofing layer. This may reseal tiny pin holes in the lamination.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Thirsties Customer Support team via phone at 888-315-2330, via chat on the website, or via email at