It started last Monday with my daughter, the little one who is always getting sick and bringing it into our healthy household. I woke up to a little lady sitting in vomit in her crib. She was a little upset but after I picked her up she was completely fine. In fact, she started singing the song Ants Go Marching as she paraded around her bedroom. As far as stomach viruses go this one is pretty mild; aches, liquid everything that comes out of your body, tiredness. After about three days my daughter was back to normal.

Then, something much worse happened than my daughter being afflicted with this nasty virus; my husband acquired it early this morning. Ever notice how the world stops when daddy is sick? I am trying really, really hard to be compassionate to the father of my children, my husband, as he lays on our bed monopolizing my quest for good sleep all because he is sick. Seems to be a universal theme with a lot of my friends.

StomachBug.Thirsties.BertAndersonI’ve decided that rather than being annoyed with my husband I’m going to go straight to the culprit. Here are my three reasons why getting the stomach flu is out of style and should be placed back into the archives:

1. It’s summertime! Really dude? It’s the summer and that means you need to be off somewhere in frigid temperatures. I live in Minnesota and we have cold weather/snow for nine months out of the year. Not cool.

2. Out of all the viruses that go around you have to be the least popular. Entire classes’ worth of kids stay away from anyone who might have had contact with the virus. I have friends who have literally stayed huddled in their house for weeks at a time trying to save themselves from the stomach flu’s flare. Obviously this isn’t working for you if everyone goes into hiding the second they hear you’ve come into town.

3. Just bug off. Go and pick on someone your own size and leave us alone!

Have you had the stomach flu this summer? Ugh!!!



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