Cooper is now seven months old and growing like a weed.  While his size ones still fit him, they’re getting small enough that I thought the size two Thirsties might work just as well. He’s a long skinny baby so it wasn’t a matter of the diapers getting too snug, but rather they seemed to be sitting a bit low on his belly.  This past weekend, I washed and packed up my size ones for the last time.  I have a pregnant friend who is eager to inherit them.

When the box of new diapers came, I had just as much fun going through it as I did going my first box of cloth diapers.  The Duo Fab Fitteds are so soft I think maybe Thirsties should start making baby blanket or teddy bears out of the fabric!  They are so soft and cuddly, which is one of the many reasons I love putting them on Cooper.  If they feel that good to me, they’ve got to feel great on his bare buns.  I also got to check out the new Hoot pattern which is really cute.  I can’t wait to show it off to my friends.

One of the most exciting things about our size twos is that they fit seven-month-old Cooper with the snaps on the snap done on the highest rise,  and three-and-a-half year old Kate on the largest setting, with none of the snaps done at all. Kate has been day-potty trained since just after turning two.  She still needs to wear a diaper at night and up until recently, I had her in overnight disposables.  As soon as I realized that Cooper’s size twos would work for her, I added a Hemp Doubler and I haven’t looked back.  There was only one brand of overnight diaper that  worked all night for Kate because of her three-year-old sized bladder could easily leak through regular diapers.  I am thrilled to stop buying them because they are so expensive.

We just love being a cloth-diapering family and now that I’ve discovered Kate can wear them at night, we’re saving even more money! Kate loves being twins with Cooper. I never would have imagined that I’d have a three-year-old and a seven-month-old wearing the same size diapers.  Gotta love those snap rises!