Colloidal silver is not something I had ever heard of until I began reading (and writing) blogs about cloth diapering.  I read that some parents add it to their cloth diaper wash because of its incredible anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The ions in silver act to effectively and completely destroy important enzymes in the cells of pathogens, killing them immediately. Colloidal silver is composed of sliver particles suspended in water that can be used as a disinfectant for appliance, fabrics, an anti-biotic treatment for external cuts and infections of the skin and even the eyes. It is widely used as a disinfectant in hospitals where infections can be easily spread. In fact, colloidal sliver can even knock out the super bug MRSA.

I must admit, I’m a big fan of Western Medicine. Scientists and doctors have increased our life expectancy by at least 30 years in the last century, not to mention our quality of life. However, it’s only been in the past year that I’ve discovered the multitude of uses for natural products available at most grocery or health food stores. I began my love affair with Tea Tree Oil after reading about it on a green-living-cloth-diapering blog and was amazed when it cleared up an infected cut on my finger within a few hours–much more quickly than an anti-biotic ointment I’ve ever used.

“Where does the cat come into the picture?” – you are probably wondering. Some of you might remember the recent blog I wrote about a new addition to our family, Sam the kitten, who is a mischievous, tolerant cuddle bug. He is now four months old and starting to venture outside. He mostly stays in our backyard or cruises around the fences that link the neighborhood yards, traveling them like a system of raised highways. One morning last week I noticed that one of Sam’s eyes was red, swollen and oozing pus. The inside of his eyelid was so swollen it was almost turning inside out. I couldn’t figure out what could have happened. He had looked fine when we went to bed and he slept next to my head all night. I didn’t think it could be an injury. But I could tell it was infected. I did an online search for the key words “colloidal silver cat eye”  and I couldn’t believe the number of hits I got. Apparently, using colloidal sliver to treat “pink eye” in cats is quite common. I didn’t know cats could get pink eye–but Cooper had had it the week before. Could he have given it to Sam?

The first thing I did was to wipe Sam’s eye with a warm wet washcloth (Ok, I admit it, I used a Thirsties reusable wipe–only the best for Sam’s poor eye!). Once I had cleaned off the yellow discharge, I put him on my lap and quickly put a drop in his eye….and I have to say I he cooperated much better than Cooper had. Two hours later, his horribly swollen and oozing eye was noticeably better. I cleaned it again and put another drop in. Two hours later, his eye was completely back to normal. I wouldn’t have believed it if someone had told me it had worked this fast. I did a third drop just to sure I had gotten every last pathogen but he might not have even needed it. I was amazed and I didn’t have to repeat the process the next day. His eye has been perfect ever since. I had to put prescription eye drops in Cooper’s eyes four times a day for five days and it took at least two days to look noticeably better.

Not only was I glad to have colloidal silver on hand so that I could treat Sam immediately, I was super glad to have avoided a vet bill.  The best thing about colloidal silver is that it has so many uses. The little bottle I have can be added to my laundry, used to clean nail clippers, used to clean tooth brushes, added to homemade cleaning products, put on cuts and scrapes (and it doesn’t sting!) and yes, even put in my cat’s eye. And I’m sure there are uses I’ve yet to discover. If you have colloidal silver, what are your favorite ways to use it?



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