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We all love different styles of cloth diapers for different reasons. Ease. Cost. Eco-friendliness. Adorableness. (Is that a word?)

So, I thought it would be fun to throw together a bit of a “personality assessment” according to the different types of cloth. THIS IS FOR ENJOYMENT’S SAKE ONLY, 100% ENTERTAINMENT. We hate generalizations, and some may be totally off (or you could fall into more than one category — I actually fall into several, LOL), so just have fun with it! 🙂



You’re a parent who loves to get more bang for your buck. Snappis, Boingos, or just plain old-fashioned pins don’t phase you in the slightest. You’ve also rigged the perfect, low-cost way to clean off your messy dipes (can you say “poop spatula”?).

This parent also loves meal planning, couponing (possibly even extreme couponing!), and frequenting garage sales. You also don’t mind things a little old school, be it music (rockin’ to the oldies?), food (meatloaf and mashed potatoes and Jell-O with fruit cocktail are da bomb), or furniture (antiquing for the win!).

FITTEDS ARE FABULOUS. See Covers/Flats/Prefolds description, but add that you’re a mix of old school and modern, loving the ease of fitteds over flats/prefolds but the versatility of covers and wraps. Can we just say it? You’re versatile, too. People can’t pin you down, and it’s a wonderful thing.

Love a good old movie but need the latest techie gadget? A history buff who can get down with a good Housewives marathon? You’re a lil’ bit country, a lil’ bit rock ‘n roll, and all awesome.

ALL-IN-ONES, ALL THE WAY. Your motto is “easy-peasy does it.” You like to think that the simplest way is often the best, even if sometimes it costs a little more to get there.

Other parts of your life are streamlined, too. Being a mom is complicated enough; finding ways to simplify things helps you organize not only your surroundings but your mental clutter, too. You know your favorite wardrobe and stick to it. Your house isn’t full of a million different colors; just the ones that work best for your family. Even your furniture is simply what you need and your house isn’t cluttered with tchotchkes (well, for the most part; toys are a whole other story). A parent who knows what she likes and doesn’t like to over-complicate things.

POCKETS ARE PERFECT. You like things just so. Pockets offer you the ability to adjust absorbency. You may also prefer one-size options because you can adjust the size for your child perfectly.You’re also a person who doesn’t mind some good organization. Everything has a place and you don’t mind fussing a bit to reduce clutter. You have a perfect spot for your diaper stash (and all your other baby gear and toys). You’re the mom who can move mountains, get to appointments on time, and preside over the PTO and never miss a beat. You always put your best foot forward. Heck, there’s a good chance you just might be Wonder Woman.

cloth diaper types

DOESN’T MATTER THE STYLE, AS LONG AS IT’S ECO-FRIENDLY. Crunchy mama extraordinaire! Your reason for using CDs is purely environmental. You love natural fabrics with no chemicals and scope out the BST groups for second-hand dipes to cut back even further on waste. You also love using cloth wipes.

Some of your favorite non-cloth answers to life’s little problems may include coconut oil, breastmilk (“just put some breastmilk on it, it’ll clear that right up”), amber teething necklaces, and essential oils. (Kale is optional but preferred.) You stalk Mama Natural’s YouTube channel, love reading about zero waste and tiny houses, and write to your elected officials asking them to oppose GMOs. Your backyard may contain a rain barrel, compost bin, garden…or possibly all three. Keep fighting the good fight!

DOESN’T MATTER THE STYLE, AS LONG AS IT WORKS. You’re a Jack (or Jill) of all trades. You’ve figured out your routine; the perfect diaper for daytime, a different super absorbent solution for nighttime, an easy one for grandparents, and a great travel option.

You’re the epitome of a Life Hacker. You’re uber creative and have tricks for every one of life’s little problems. On a trip and happen to visit a home without babyproofing? A hairtie will tighten up that cabinet. You don’t need Pinterest; you’re a natural spring of great craft ideas and fun recipes all on your own.

DOESN’T MATTER THE STYLE, I JUST LOVE THE FUN PRINTS. It’s all about design and aesthetic with you! This mama loves to check out the latest decor blogs like Design*Sponge and Yellow Brick House (while mourning Young House Love) and pins lots of birthday party decor and outfit ideas.

You’re a detail-oriented person. Even when you’re lacking in sleep and haven’t showered in awhile, you can still make a topknot bun and leggings seem super pulled-together. The other moms love you for throwing the best ever play dates and knowing just the right snack to offer.


So, which one describes you? Let us know if we’re spot-on or way off in the comments!

father's day crafts

Father’s Day was kind of a bittersweet holiday in our household growing up. My mom was raising her four children alone after losing her husband to cancer, so it obviously brought up those empty feelings for us all year after year. Luckily, we had a grandfather who filled the role as best he could, so we took any of those negative feelings, along with our handmade gifts from school, over to his house to celebrate the day every year. Watching him turn over our precious, clumsily-made items in his hands with such joy and pride made everything better.

fathers-day-ideasFast forward 30 years and I now not only have a wonderful stepfather to celebrate, but a super loving father-in-law and, most importantly, my husband. I wasn’t sure what a role of “father” was supposed to be – what it really looked like – but he has surpassed any and all expectations. He has been the epitome of a parenting partner. Super caring and thoughtful, ever patient and willing to explain anything our 3-year-old, I couldn’t be luckier to be raising children with him and building a foundation of love, openness, and respect for every member in our household. Plus, the kiddos look a lot like him, which makes for cuteness overload.

To say nothing of the fact that he’s a HUGE fan of our cloth diapers. (I still remember when we first started dating many years ago and he’d have to LEAVE THE ROOM when a diaper commercial came on. He just couldn’t NOT be grossed out by the thought of a poop catcher. Fast forward seven years and he’s a pro. Isn’t it funny how that happens?)

So, what do you do for whatever special father (or father figure) you’ll be celebrating this Sunday? Here are a few ideas that I’ve dug up for those handmade, can’t-buy-in-a-store cards and gifts that will melt Daddy’s heart and hold a place on his shelf for years to come.

via The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman


via She Knows


via Kaminski’s Creations


via Solis Plus One


via i heart arts n crafts


via CBC Parents


via Miss Tyler-Smith’s Montessori Blog

Don’t tell my husband, but I think the taped coloring art/card will be part of his gift this year (along with a Himalayan salt lamp for removing those negative ions at work – shhh!), but I’m totally tagging that superhero one for next year!

What are you doing to celebrate any fathers this year?? We’d love for you to share your own ideas below!


There’s a new diaper out that I am going absolutely crazy for. Ready for it?


I know, right? The design alone had me cry a good, old-fashioned Joey Tribiani “how YOU doin’?” With origami cranes and clouds (raise your hand if you remember trying to make 1,000 with the rest of your class back in the day!) and watercolor accents, it’s sweet and adorable while still super modern and fresh. But what made me actually click “Buy” was the cause behind the print.

Giving Diapers, Giving Hope is an organization that was started in 2011 as a local cloth diaper bank. Through the support of amazing individuals and companies (of which Thirsties is a humble and proud member), GDGH continues to thrive and grow, currently able to provide diapering assistance to 30-60+ families each month.

They can describe what they do way better than I can:

Aren’t those statistics hard to swallow?

Along with Kelly’s Closet, Thirsties is proud to help handle the inbound donations by sorting and shipping the cloth diapers to approved families.


As a way to show Thirsties’ ongoing support of GDGH’s awesome efforts and to say “Happy 5th  birthday, thanks for all you do!”, all sales of the Hope diaper will go directly to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.

Let me say that again. ALL SALES from the Hope diaper are going to GDGH. 100%. Not a portion (which would still be awesome). Not half. All the proceeds. That’s huge.

So, while this is a limited edition release and some vendors have sold out, it’s worth it to search out a style of your choosing (sorry, they only come in snaps!) to support such a wonderful cause.


Thanks for your support of not only Thirsties but of the Thirsties extended family – the ones who are working so hard to provide low-income families with the ability to majorly reduce the cost of diapering through the use of cloth diapers. By alleviating this cost, we truly believe that GDGH is offering what they set out to give; yes, diapers, but just as importantly, hope.

***And if your family hasn’t started cloth diapering and is having a hard time making ends meet, check out GDGH’s application policy to see if your family qualifies to receive free diapers.***

Memorial Day is often called “the unofficial start of summer.” Well, before I get into some fun summer ideas, I’m sure we would all like to take this chance to send out a thanks to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms and country. It simply can’t be overstated, and those who serve, knowing full well that they are being asked to make sacrifices big and small, deserve our pride and gratitude today and everyday.

(Can you tell that my grandparents – both of whom were Marines – helped raise us? They were the BEST.)

That said, I’ve been seeing lots of parents and teachers on social media talking about summer lately. Some are finishing school left and right; others (like myself) are still toiling away well into June.

Because of these inconsistencies, I figured I’d take Memorial Day as the opportunity to share some awesome, simple activities, recipes, and to help up your summer game without the added stress. (That last bit is the best part.)

Toddler Fishing
by I Can Teach My Child | Talk about simple fun!

Grow Your Own Salad
by | It’s never too late to get growing a simple garden.

Easy Paper Plate Watermelon Craft by ABC Creative Learning | A great, easy craft for the littlest artists (although we’re sure the older kids will want to get involved, too).

Homemade Strawberry Creamsicles
by Super Healthy Kids | Or try one of the other frozen treats at this awesome website.

Tropical Sand Dough by Paging Fun Mums | A sensory activity that smells like vacation? All you coconut oil fans check this one out!

No Cook Lunches for Kids
by Feeding My Kid | Eighteen (yes, eighteen!) yummy lunch ideas for those super hot, “what do I make?” days.

DIY Splat Balls by Paging Fun Mums | As fun as water balloons are, they’re not friendly for the environment or animals, to say nothing of the annoyance of picking up the pieces and filling them. Splat balls are the perfect (and super fun) solution.

Fruit Pizza
by Cooking Classy | A healthy pizza…for dessert. Need I say more? 😉

Ready Steady Jump Rope Game by | For the slightly older kids, this simple, new spin on jumping rope makes for a fun (and wet) twist!

What’s your favorite tip to help make summertime fun and simple? We’d all love to hear!

Stress-Free Summer Fun Ideas

Along with the sheer joy and excitement of having a newborn comes a million questions. Where should baby sleep? Is that a “hungry cry” or an “I’m hurt” cry? Breastfeed or bottle feed? Did I put the car seat in correctly?

And one question we in the cloth diapering community hear lots: Should I cloth diaper my newborn or wait until he/she is bigger?

While it’s totally up to personal preference, there really isn’t any reason not to cloth diaper from the start. With our second child, we started shortly after returning home from the hospital, but many people are able to begin even when still in the hospital!

But, admittedly, it can be a bit scary. Cloth diapering a newborn can be trickier than cloth diapering an older baby. Between runnier stools and more frequent urination, skinny little thighs, and an umbilical cord stump, it can be confusing and a little daunting.

Well, today, we’re sharing some tips to hopefully help things go smoothly and answer any questions you may have.


newborn cloth diapers


– What kind of diapers do I choose? This and the next question are by far the most-asked questions for those starting out with cloth diapering. With so many styles on the market, it’s tough to know what’s best for baby, let alone a newborn.

To avoid leaking, you’ll need diapers that fit around those tiny legs. Many swear by the use of prefolds and covers to get the perfect fit. There are also adorable all-in-ones specifically designed for newborns that make the transition from disposables a breeze. You can even test out a few styles thanks to programs like these that offer a trial kit.

– How many do I need?! As you probably know, newborns go…a lot. That said, you’ll want a minimum of 12 cloth diapers per day. Many people start with 24-30 diapers if they plan on washing every other day (which is recommended). If you choose to go with prefolds/covers or fitteds/covers, you’ll want at least 8 covers…to cover yourself. Ha. How many times can I say “covers” in one sentence? 😉

– How should it fit? With how runny things are for newborns, it’s best if you have a snug fit around the legs and waste. A little leaking from time to time is normal, but shouldn’t happen every time; this usually means you need to adjust the fit. Also, try to keep the top of the diaper from rubbing against the umbilical cord; some newborn diapers (like Thirsties’ newborn snap closure AIO’s) have an umbilical cord snap down or for this purpose.

– What about nighttime? You’ll want to get as much sleep as possible when baby’s sleeping (believe us!), so you may want to opt for a diaper that is absorbent enough for 3+ hours to last between feedings. Because of this, you may not want to use the same style that you use during the daytime (that usually last for 1-2+ hours). Fitted diapers and prefolds with a cover are great for just this reason. The gussets on Thirsties’ Duo Wraps are a perfect nighttime solution.

– What about the poop? For some, the “ick factor” of dealing with poop is a deal breaker for using cloth. But, guess what! In my experience, I’ve faced far more gross poopy-related, um, incidents with disposables than with cloth. If Harper comes home from Grandma’s in a sposie and has a blow-out, my husband is now the first to say, “This wouldn’t have happened if she’d been wearing her fluff!”

But, yes, you’ll be dealing with poop. If your baby is breastfed, it’s actually water soluble and won’t need to be sprayed or dunked. Otherwise, you’ll need to get as much of it off the dipe as possible before giving it a wash. There are products like diaper sprayers and shields that make this far simpler and easier than it once was, but the “dunk and swish” works after some practice, too.
These are just a handful of tips to get you through the first few months with a newborn baby in cloth. I’d be remiss if I didn’t also shout out the latest, greatest product coming VERY soon from Thirsties for anyone who will be diapering a little bundle of joy anytime soon – the all-new, Natural Newborn All-in-One cloth diaper! They’ve got the same 8 thirsty layers of natural absorbency as Thirsties’ popular inserts (along with the snap closure’s umbilical cord snap-down feature), and is super trim-fitting. This new AIO seriously offers all the comfort that a new baby needs.
So, who here has some newborn CD success stories? We’d love to hear them in the comments! Show our expectant mamas it can be done!


Megan McCoy Dellecese is a wife, mother to two young children, freelance writer, and educator. She shares her attempts at simplifying, among other things, at her blog, Meg Acts Out. When not busy meeting deadlines and chasing cats and kids, she enjoys acting in community theatre (where she met her husband), watching old movies, and sharpening her history buff skills.