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Thirsties Product Reviews

Here you will find in-depth reviews of Thirsties products, including how-to guides, fit guides and care instructions.

Thirsties Duo Wrap

For the most part, all cloth diapering systems are comprised of two pieces: one that is absorbent and one that prevents leaks. In other words, you need a waterproof layer to prevent leaks and an absorbent layer to successfully soak up liquids when cloth diapering.

Thirsties Duo Wrap diaper covers are completely waterproof yet remain breathable, pliable, and comfortable for baby’s skin. A trim fit, double gusset leak protection and super soft bindings work together to create that signature fit while keeping leaks away. Duo Wrap sizing and care is so simple and because you can use the same Duo Wrap three to four times, you’ll need fewer wraps in your rotation as well.

In this article, we will breakdown the fit features, how to choose absorbency and laundry care tips for all your Thirsties Duo Wraps.

First, let’s talk fit!

Fit Features


There are lots of covers on the market right now, but Thirsties Duo Wrap is so thoughtfully designed, the signature fit is just perfect. The three sizes help alleviate bunching and excess material without having to size your cover up four or even five times before potty learning. Here’s how to choose the right size for baby:

  1. Size One Duo Wraps are recommended for babies 6-18 lbs. Having a rough estimate of your baby’s weight is a great place to start, but don’t forget to consider which type of absorbency you will be using for your Duo Wrap. If you choose to go with a bulkier all cotton prefold, you may need to size up sooner than you think. At the same time, if you choose the trimmer Duo Hemp Prefolds, you may be able to squeeze a few extra pounds out of your size ones before moving up.
  2. Size Two Duo Wraps are recommended for babies 18-40 lbs. Consider again your fiber choice before making the decision to size up. You’re looking for a snug, flat fit, so don’t be tempted to size up too early either.
  3. Size Three Duo Wraps are recommended for toddlers and preschoolers 40-60+ lbs. This is Thirsties’ newest Duo Wraps style and so important for toddlers and beyond that aren’t quite ready for potty learning.

So, what makes Thirsties Duo Wraps different from other covers? Double gussets around the leg elastics provide even more leak protection than other covers. Because no one wants to deal with a diaper blowout. Ever.

Speaking of elastics, not only do Duo Wraps have double gussets around the legs to protect against leaks, they also have elastic on both the back and front waist panels to help create that perfect fit. Being able to stretch both the back and front panels allows caregivers to choose waist snaps easily and properly. #ProTip When fitting your waist snaps, secure the snap closest to baby’s back first, then the last wing snap. This will allow you to find your perfect fit and secure it before snapping the rest of the cover.

Three inches of waterproof TPU at the front panel of your Duo Wrap closest to baby’s tummy will enhance your leak protection as well. Tucking your absorbency into this flap helps make sure your cover won’t leak and wet absorbency isn’t pressed up against baby’s skin. Leak proof nap time? Yes, please.

Each Duo Wrap size also has three rise settings each. Choosing your rise setting first will help you determine which waist snaps are correct for baby’s size. On the Size One Duo Wrap for instance, the lowest rise setting, or snapping the cover all the way down, is typically used for babies 6-10 lbs. Babies 10-15 lbs may fit the middle rise setting while completely unsnapping the rise snaps will best fit babies 15-18lbs.

However, it is more important that you choose the rise setting that best fits your baby, not necessarily the setting that falls into baby’s weight recommendation. If you reach a point that your cover doesn’t seem to fit as exactly as it once did, that usually means it’s time to let out a rise and find a new waist snap!

#ThirstiesTip The perfect fit is flat! Look for a flat rise setting, flat bottom and smooth Duo Wrap all around. Bunching, extra material or pulling can result in leaks. And don’t forget about sizing up your Duo Wrap when the time is right. Choosing the wrong size can also result in bunching and leaks.

Choosing Absorbency


Choosing the right absorbency for your Duo Wrap will help prevent leaks and keep baby comfortable. As your baby grows and changes, the ‘right’ absorbency will most likely change quite a bit. You’ll need enough absorbent material to prevent leaks, but not so much that your diaper is too bulky or that the leg and waist elastics don’t fit snuggly.

Prefolds are a popular absorbency choice for Duo Wraps because they are so versatile. Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds are 25% more absorbent than a prefold of the same weight made from cotton alone and come in two sizes, size one recommended for 6-18 lb babies and size two recommended for 18-40 lb babies. Made with the Thirsties signature 55% hemp/45% organic cotton, Duo Hemp Prefolds can simply be tri-folded and laid inside your Duo Wrap without having to use pins or Snappis.

Cleaning prefolds is easy and the Duo Hemp Prefold even has an open layer on the inside to make sure that each layer of fiber is thoroughly cleaned in your washer. The Duo Hemp Prefold is much trimmer than cotton prefolds, which makes it simple to get a great fit, no matter which size you are using.

The Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Insert is another Duo Wrap combination favorite because it features a stay dry layer that wicks wetness away from baby, leaving baby feeling dry. The Stay Dry Duo Insert actually has two inserts that snap together to make one complete absorbency system. I know that extra steps aren’t everyone’s favorite thing when it comes to cloth diaper laundry, but in this case, it’s absolutely worth it.

The first insert is constructed of two layers of Thirsties’ fast absorbing microfiber terry and topped with the stay dry and stain-resistant microfleece. The second insert, which should be snapped to the underside of the microfiber insert, consists of 5 layers of the super-absorbent 55% hemp/45% organic cotton jersey. It’s like the perfect problem solving blend of ‘please don’t wake up because you feel wet’ and ‘please don’t leak because you like to pee three times a nap’ all in one.

#ThirstiesTip There aren’t a lot of rules when it comes to absorbency. If you find an insert or prefold or combination of both that is working for you, use it! At the same time, if there are pieces in your absorbency collection that aren’t working very well for your current stage, hang onto them. As your baby grows and changes, you may come back to certain pieces that you weren’t loving previously and be glad that you kept them around.


Laundry Tips and Care


Caring for your Duo Wraps is quick and easy. Start first by finding a cloth diaper safe detergent you love and prep your Duo Wrap.

Another benefit to using covers? The prep is short and sweet. To prep your Duo Wrap, you’ll just need to wash once in your cloth diaper safe detergent and you are ready to use.

To launder your Duo Wrap after use, you’ll need to:

  1. Pre-wash on WARM with half the amount of recommended detergent.
  2. Wash on HOT with the full amount of recommended detergent.
  3. Add another rinse on WARM.
  4. Hang dry or dry in your dryer on low.

#ThirstiesTip Your laundry routine shouldn’t be incredibly complicated. If you find that you are needing too many steps to get your diapers clean, using several products and/or different wash cycles to clean your diapers, reevaluate whether your diapers need a strip. Long term ammonia build up can leave your wash routine becoming more and more complicated without ever really resulting in clean diapers.



It took me a while to come around to covers and prefolds, but it was mostly because I didn’t know how easy they could be. I was pleasantly surprised to find that using prefolds and covers was not only budget friendly, but simple too. My cloth diapers were easy to clean, I needed less covers in my rotation and I needed to pack less in my diaper bag each day. #winning

I can’t say enough how much it has helped to hang onto some of the cloth diaper styles that I didn’t think were working for us at different stages (especially the absorbency pieces). Having different styles in your diaper rotation makes it easier to choose exactly what you need for daytime, nap time and nighttime and makes your diapering system so much more versatile.

Have you tried Thirsties’ Duo Wraps yet? We’d love for you to share your favorite thing about the Thirsties Duo Wrap below! Are you new to Thirsties’ Duo Wraps or cloth diapering in general? Please share any questions you may have.

You can shop Thirsties Duo Wraps at your local retailer or online with Thirsties. For more cloth diaper tips and tricks, you can visit Thirsties on Facebook or join the online community, Thirsties Groupies.

Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Insert

For the most part, the cloth diaper hype is all about different styles and prints, while the products we rely on the most don’t get the same amount of love. (Because, have you seen Flutter By? Wow.) However, it’s absorbency like the Stay Dry Duo Insert that makes a cloth diaper caregiver’s world go around.

One of the most common questions in the cloth diaper world is ‘Which is the best insert for babies with wetness sensitivity?’ Wetness sensitivity can be uncomfortable for baby and stressful for baby’s caregiver, not to mention difficult to overcome. Rashes become more prevalent, parents become more frustrated and sometimes, caregivers give up on cloth diapering altogether. Enter Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Insert!

In this article, we will breakdown the fiber facts, design and prep and care for the Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Insert. And since this workhorse is all about the fibers, let’s begin with the fiber facts.

Fiber Facts

Thirsties Natural One Size All In One

Thirsties Natural One Size All In One

When I think of Thirsties, I think fiber first. The Thirsties signature 55% hemp/45% organic cotton blend is one of my absolute favorites and this blend happens to be one half of the Stay Dry Duo. Products like the Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold and the Natural One Size All In One cloth diaper share the same hemp/organic cotton blend as well.

The Stay Dry Duo Insert actually has two inserts that snap together to make one complete absorbency system. I know that extra steps aren’t everyone’s favorite thing when it comes to cloth diaper laundry, but in this case, it’s absolutely worth it.

The first insert is constructed of two layers of Thirsties’ fast absorbing microfiber terry and topped with their stay-dry and stain-resistant microfleece. If you were wondering, yes, stain-resistant microfleece is a must. This makes introducing solids so much easier on your wash routine and on yourself.

The second insert, which should be snapped to the underside of the microfiber insert, consists of 5 layers of the super-absorbent 55% hemp – 45% organic cotton jersey. Again, that signature blend is where you are going to find the bulk of your absorbency, even though it’s the trimmest layer by far. It’s like the best of both worlds, if ‘both worlds’ were all about catching poop.

#ThirstiesTip I find that if I snap all our inserts together fresh out of the dryer, other caregivers are more likely to grab and use them. Because there is a length difference in the size one and size two inserts, I find it easier to sit down and snap them all at once so that I don’t end up with two odd sizes at the end of diaper laundry.


Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Insert

Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Insert

The thoughtful design of this insert is why I refer to this particular product as a workhorse. The microfleece/microfiber insert is fast absorbing and pulls wetness away from baby quickly preventing rashes and helping to relieve wetness sensitivity. It also help solids sit on top of this layer, making waste removal quick and simple.

So, why is this important?

When babies feel wet, they become irritable, uncomfortable and can have a difficult time focusing. Adding this stay dry insert to help keep baby feeling dry between changes will allow the caregiver to prep a bottle, throw in a load of clothes or even finish the last bit of (cold) coffee without worrying about whether baby will become cranky or rashy.

It’s key that the stay dry layer stay on top of the hemp/organic cotton layer for a few reasons:

  1. We don’t want microfiber touching baby’s skin.
  2. The stay dry layer will absorb faster than the hemp/organic cotton layer.
  3. The hemp/organic cotton layer truly shines in its ability to absorb a large amount of liquid and is best served underneath the microfleece/microfiber layer.

When trying to remember which fibers absorb the fastest, remember this: My Cloth Baby’s Happy. In order from fastest absorbing to slowest absorbing materials, the fibers rank like this: Microfiber, Cotton, Bamboo and then Hemp. Meaning, microfiber and microfleece will always pull wetness away from baby faster than any other fiber.

As far as sizing goes, this design was very straight and to the point. Babies weighing 6-18 lbs will be comfortable in a size one Stay Dry Duo, while babies 18-40 lbs will need a size two Stay Dry Duo. Has your baby outgrown their size one Stay Dry Duos? Don’t get rid of them just yet! These layers make for exceptional doublers when using other Thirsties systems as well. Hang on to these layers and double them up for naptime, car rides and nighttime.

#ThirstiesTip Absorbency and fibers are forgiving. Don’t worry too much about knowing your child’s exact weight when selecting the perfect size. A few pounds either way won’t make or break how much you love the Stay Dry Duos or prevent them from providing great absorbency.


Prep and Care

Stay Dry Duo Features

This doesn’t happen often, but when prepping the Thirsties Stay Dry Duo inserts, you’ll want to unsnap them all and prep the hemp/organic cotton insert separate from the microfiber/microfleece insert. This is because the synthetic layer (microfiber/microfleece) only needs one wash with cloth diaper safe detergent before use. However, your hemp/organic cotton insert will need a different sort of prep.

The hemp/organic cotton insert needs three wash and dry cycles (separate from other cloth diaper products) before use and eight wash and dry cycles to be completely prepped. In other words, go ahead and complete the three wash and dry cycles separate from your microfiber/microfleece insert and you can begin to use your Stay Dry Duo. Just know that your absorbency will continue to increase up to eight full wash and dry cycles.

#ThirstiesTip This is one of the rare instances where some fibers in a particular cloth diaper product need more prep than others. Always plan for the fiber requiring the longest prep. Although your stay dry layer doesn’t need the eight washes like your hemp and organic cotton layer, you will be glad you completed a full prep.



I wrote off any sort of absorbency with synthetic fibers for a long time. I was 100% convinced that I had absolutely no use for synthetic fibers in my cloth diaper collection. Enter new baby with severe wetness sensitivity.

The Stay Dry Duo was perfect for us. My baby stayed dry, the organic cotton and hemp insert underneath gave her more absorbency and saved us from leaks while my husband loved the ‘lay it in and go’ aspect. #dadterms

One of the most important things I’ve learned in my years of cloth diapering (and parenting) is that every kiddo is different and what worked for some of my babies definitely didn’t work for others. At the same time, what I thought was bullet proof for our nighttime routine, didn’t necessarily work for some of my friends.

Here’s the realness: don’t write anything off completely. Hang on to a style that might not be working for you right now, keep the absorbency that seems like it will never have a place in your routine and definitely bring tacos to the friend who is struggling with a stage that you might not have found difficult. The next stage or next baby or next year will have surprises waiting and you’ll need a friend to bring you tacos too.

Have you tried Thirsties’ Stay Dry Duo Inserts? We’d love for you to share your favorite ways to use this insert below! Are you new to Thirsties’ Stay Dry Duo Inserts? Please share any questions you may have!

You can shop Thirsties Natural One Size All In Ones at your local retailer or online with Thirsties. For more cloth diaper tips and tricks, you can visit Thirsties on Facebook or join the online community, Thirsties Groupies.

Thirsties Size Three Duo Wrap

Traditionally, most cloth diapers fit babies and toddlers through 40 lbs. At the 40 lb mark, many toddlers have moved on to cloth trainers and the potty learning phase of their life. But what if your toddler or preschooler hasn’t?

Kiddos do things in their own time and every kiddo is different. And just like some preschoolers learn to ride a bike at three and some learn at seven, some aren’t necessarily ready to potty learn just because their bodies hit the magical 40 lb mark. Enter Thirsties Size Three Duo Wrap!

Brand new to the Thirsties lineup this summer was the Thirsties Size Three Duo Wrap. In this article, we are going to breakdown the design, fit, care and absorbency options for the new Duo Wrap as well as discuss care for both regular and sporadic use.

Because this fit is different than anything else in the current Thirsties collection, let’s start there.

Fit Help

Thirsties Rise Settings

Thirsties Rise Settings


Is getting a great fit on your Size Three Duo Wrap hard? No.

Can we help you get that perfect fit? Yes.

Achieving the perfect fit on your Thirsties Size Three Duo Wrap starts with the rise settings. The lowest rise setting (or the set of snaps on the front panel furthest away from the waist) is typically used for preschoolers 40-48lbs. The middle rise setting (or the set of snaps on the front panel closest to the waist) is typically used for preschoolers 48-56lbs, while letting the rise all the way out (completely unsnapped) is ideal for children 56lbs and above. Choosing the proper rise setting will help you tremendously when trying to get a great fit.

Once your rise setting is chosen, you’ll need to choose the proper waist snaps. You can do this by using the snap closest to your child’s hip first and then adjusting the snap closest to their belly button. Once you have completed your snaps, your Duo Wrap should look fit and flat without bunching in the front panel, back panel or hip area.

Looking a little bunchy? Make sure that your absorbency is laid in your Duo Wrap as flat as possible. This will help your child feel more comfortable and help you get a great fit. You can also run your finger gently around the waist and leg elastics to ensure that you don’t have any absorbency peaking out, ready to cause wicking. If so, just tuck it back into your Duo Wrap and stay leak free.

#ThirstiesTip When trying to achieve the perfect fit with your Size Three Duo Wraps, choose the correct rise snap first and the correct waist snap second. Securing the rise setting first will give you a much better chance of selecting the correct waist and getting a great, leak free fit.


Thirsties Size Three Duo Wrap

Thirsties Size Three Duo Wrap

The Size Three Duo Wrap has all the thoughtful design features that we know and love about the original Duos. Although this Duo is specifically designed to accommodate children 40-60lbs, the fit features are very similar to other Duo sizes.

Snap placement is very important on this particular size. The waist snaps on the Size Three actually have the same spacing as the other Duos, there are just more of them across the front panel. The wing snaps are a little further apart, to accommodate stretch, and the rise snaps are further apart as well. So what does this mean and why are we talking about it? This means that the Size Three Duo is specially made for preschoolers and beyond as they grow, but still allows for a perfect fit. No bulky or awkward in-between stages and no leaks!

The signature Thirsties double gusset is present on the Size Three Duos as well and offers extra leak protection for long car rides, naps and nighttime. There is also a full three and a half inches of TPU on the inside of the front panel to protect against tummy leaks. If you’re not already familiar with Thirsties Duo Wrap, you will probably also notice that the front panel has elastic, help caregivers to achieve that perfect fit.

#ThirstiesTip Still nervous about leaks? Duo Hemp Prefolds make great mattress protectors for naptime! Lay a size 2 Duo Hemp Prefold under your kiddo during naptime for extra leak protection and wash right along with the rest of your cloth diaper laundry.

Laundry Care

Thirsties Floribunda Duo Wrap

Thirsties Floribunda Duo Wrap

Size Three Duo Wraps can be washed and cared for just like any other Duo Wrap size. One wash with cloth diaper safe detergent before use is all you need for prep because there is no absorbent material in your Duo Wrap.

In general, your wash routine should look something like this:


  • Warm pre-wash with half the amount of recommended cloth diaper safe detergent
  • Hot heavy duty wash with the full amount of recommended cloth diaper safe detergent
  • Rinse
  • Hang dry or dry on low

Duo Wraps dry very quickly when hang drying, so I don’t even bother with the dryer. (I also don’t trust mine…) If you choose to dry on low, make sure to use a time dry so that you don’t accidentally overdry.

Fun fact: The fact that this section is so short is one of the things we all love about Duo Wraps in any size. Easy prep, easy care!

#ThirstiesTip Not all detergents are created equal. Although Thirsties provides a detailed list of recommended detergents, there is a similarly detailed list of products that are not recommended for your laundry routine. Also, remember that you need to use an actual detergent to get your cloth diapers clean. Products like vinegar, essential oils or laundry balls are not enough to clean your cloth diapers.



In general, a cloth diaper is made up of two components: something that keeps your diaper waterproof and something that absorbs liquids. Absorbency is one of the most customizable aspects of the Duo Wrap system, no matter which size you choose. There are many styles to choose from, and all of them will work with your Duo Wrap.

Thirsties Duo Hemp prefolds are easy to use and super thirsty (get it?). Duo Hemp Prefolds have two panels and a total of twelve layers of the Thirsties signature 55% hemp/45% organic cotton blend. Natural fibers make them easy to clean and the trifold method will allow for extra absorbency in the center of the diaper, where preschoolers tend to flood. Duo Hemp Prefolds come in two sizes, but they are so trim that they can easily be doubled or have an extra insert added for even more absorbency.

The Stay Dry Duo Insert is another absorbency option. The first insert is constructed of two layers of the Thirsties fast absorbing microfiber terry and topped with the stay-dry and stain-resistant microfleece. The second insert is made of the 55% hemp/45% organic cotton jersey blend. Both snap together to create the perfect stay dry absorbency option.

The third absorbency option is the Thirsties hemp insert. Hemp inserts are trim, made of natural fiber (that signature Thirsties hemp/organic cotton blend!) and can easily be used alone or added to one of the above options to maximize absorbency. Hemp inserts come in two sizes, which makes them ideal for use as doublers inside your prefolds or underneath your Stay Dry Duos.

#ThirstiesTip There are very few ‘rules’ when it comes to absorbency. You will find what works for you, and what doesn’t, pretty quickly. However, don’t get rid of the components of your absorbency stash that aren’t perfect for your kiddo right now. They may be in the future and you will be glad that you kept them.



Potty learning can be a struggle for any parent. Some preschoolers just aren’t ready when they hit the 40 lb mark and yet, their parents still want to use cloth. The Size Three Duo Wrap is such an important way to include more families, more kiddos and provide more options to caregivers who need them.

Potty learning was not something that our family struggled with however, there are so many other aspects of parenting that I always feel other parents are just nailing and I can never seem to do successfully. (My preteen is currently making me question everything I ever thought I knew about being a mom. All. Of. It.) I wanted to share this as a reminder that even if you are struggling with the potty learning stage, there is another equally difficult stage that you are rocking.

Every kiddo is different and just like us, they are doing something amazing right now. #4 refused to take a step until 15 months on the dot and can now outrun her five year old brother. #2 wouldn’t eat anything except yogurt for at least six straight months and yet, he had a kale smoothie for breakfast this morning. #3 is five and to this day, will not put his shoes on the right feet, but can outskate kids significantly older than him on the ice. Let’s stop worrying about the specific day each kid decides to complete each phase and instead, arm them with the right tools to get them through that phase. Because they are rocking something too.

Need a Size Three Duo Wrap? You can shop Thirsties Size Three Duo Wraps at your local retailer or online with Thirsties. Want more information about Thirsties cloth diapers? Join Thirsties on Facebook or the online community, Thirsties Groupies.

Thirsties Natural One Size All In One

Thirsties Natural One Size All In One: Flutter By and Set Sail

So many caregivers are hoping to convert their cloth diaper collection to natural fibers, but still want a trimmer fitting All In One option. However, they aren’t willing to sacrifice absorbency for a trim fit. Adding several boosters or doublers to accommodate less absorbency isn’t always ideal, especially if a trim fit is important to your family.

Thirsties Natural One Size All In One (NAIO) not only offers a natural fiber choice, but is one of the trimmest AIOs on the market and is made right here in the USA. The hemp and organic cotton blend contain eleven layers of absorbent fibers and the one size design fits babies 8-40 lbs.

In this article, we are going to breakdown the design, fit, prep and care and ways to troubleshoot the Thirsties Natural One Size All In One. And because the design of this particular cloth diaper is so thoughtful, let’s start there.


Thirsties Natural All In One Set Sail

Thirsties Natural All In One: Set Sail

I’m not even going to discuss prints because 2018 Thirsties prints have been absolutely gorgeous and I would need a separate article for each one. Moving right along…

I often struggled with AIOs with my crew because there was always something on my ‘must have’ checklist that was missing. If you haven’t tried a Thirsties OS NAIO yet, this section will basically be a giant list of ‘here’s why you absolutely need to’.

The Thirsties OS NAIO has eleven layers of absorbency: three layers of organic cotton sewn into the TPU shell and eight layers of 55% hemp/45% organic cotton between the two soakers. At first glance, I was sure that the trimness of this AIO would mean that I would be looking for more absorbency, but it was actually the complete opposite. Fully prepped, the OS NAIO was shockingly absorbent and still as trim as it gets.

One of my favorite, and yet seldom mentioned, feature of the Thirsties OS NAIO is the two inches of TPU under the front panel that prevents tummy leaks. The extra leak protection doesn’t take away from the absorbency, but helps make nap times and car naps so much easier.

The two absorbent soakers inside this diaper are attached on the front panel, just like the original AIO. However, natural fibers make this diaper easy to customize without having to worry about which part of your synthetic absorbency is closest to baby’s skin.

#ThirstiesTip Do you have a tummy flooder? You can easily fold one soaker in half or even in thirds to give babies that tend to flood their diapers extra protection in the front panel.

Fit Help

Thirsties Rise Settings

Thirsties Rise Settings

The Thirsties Natural One Size All In One is recommended to fit babies 8-40lbs. Three rise settings on the front panel of the diaper help to achieve this.

The lowest rise setting (referred to as the snap furthest away from baby’s waist and closest to baby’s bottom), typically fits babies 8-20lbs. The middle rise setting (referred to as the snap directly above the lowest rise setting), typically fits babies 20-30 lbs while leaving the rise snaps all the way open (typically the way the diaper will arrive to you) accommodates babies 30-40lbs.

Once you have chosen the proper rise setting for your baby, it’s time to fit their waist. This particular AIO has a double waist snap to make fitting your diaper even easier. Choose the waist snap on the wing of your diaper closest to baby’s leg first and then choose the corresponding hip snap to complete your fit.

What if I finish putting my new Thirsties OS NAIO on baby and it doesn’t look quite right?

Here are some tips to help check your fit:


  1. Run your finger around the inside of the leg and waist elastics. If you can feel any of the insert material sticking out, you’ll need to tuck it back in. Yes, that’s the very technical cloth diaper term: tuck it back in.
  2. The perfect fit is flat! The bum, crotch and front panel of your diaper shouldn’t have any visible bunching, twisting or overly tight tugging. You’re looking for a flat TPU material on all sides of your diaper. If your fit isn’t flat, it’s ok. Remove and unsnap your dipe and try again.
  3. Your rise snaps control the length of your diaper, while your waist snaps control the tightness of the waist and legs. When troubleshooting, make sure that you adjust the correct set of snaps.
  4. Having a good estimate of your baby’s weight will help you find the perfect fit more quickly. (I’m the worst example of this, so it’s completely fine if you don’t know. I have yet to remember anyone’s birthday correctly the first time our pediatrician asks, so don’t stress.) A rough estimate of baby’s weight will prevent you from unsnapping and resnapping every setting until you find the proper fit. Think of it as a Thirsties cloth diaper shortcut.


#ThirstiesTip Choosing your rise setting before you choose your waist snaps will give you a much more exact fit and make choosing the proper waist snaps that much easier. Rise first, waist second.

Prep and Care


Cloth diapers only reach their full potential when they are properly cared for. This means fully prepping your OS NAIO, having a great wash routine and continually using cloth diaper best practices will keep your Thirsties looking great and super thirsty.

To prep your OS NAIO, you will need to run your diaper through at least three wash and dry cycles, using cloth diaper safe detergent, to rid the fibers of all the natural oils that the hemp/organic cotton blend contains. Three wash and dry cycles with the proper detergent and you are ready to use your diapers.

To care for your OS NAIO, you will need a cloth diaper safe detergent, your washer (or method of handwashing you prefer) and access to hot water. Prewash on warm with half the amount of recommended detergent followed by a heavy duty was on HOT with an extra rinse. Dry your diapers on low heat or hang dry and you are ready to go.

#ThirstiesTip Fully and completely prepping your Thirsties hemp products actually takes eight wash and dry cycles. You can begin to use your diapers after three wash and dry cycles, just know that you won’t reach full and complete absorbency until your eight wash and dry cycles are finished.



So, let’s say you get your OS NAIO, you get it home and things aren’t quite perfect. Let’s be honest: Not every style or fit is exactly perfect every change. Here’s a quick OS NAIO troubleshooting list that you can use to help you cloth diaper successfully:

  1. Your diapers are leaking. Cloth diaper leaks actually mean that there is something in your wash routine, your fit, your absorbency choice or your schedule that needs to be adjusted. Maybe your diapers need to be stripped, or maybe you just need to reevaluate the rise settings. It’s possible that it may be time to add a doubler or that baby is simply staying in their diaper too long. Don’t give up! Leaks are normally a quick fix and very preventable. So check your routine and your fit, considering doubling up and don’t forget to fit in a change every one to two hours.
  2. Your diaper is leaving marks on your baby’s waist or legs. This a common fear among parents new to the cloth diapering experience. However, it’s usually more of a fear than a reality. When worrying about elastics leaving marks, consider sock lines. As long any marks leave quickly (like the ones made by your socks), your fit is just fine. If there are any recurring marks that are present longer than the ones left by your sock, it’s time to consider letting your rise setting out or moving your waist snaps out a touch.
  3. You’ve checked all the above reasons for leaks, but your OS NAIO still isn’t as absorbent as you feel it could be. Skipping a full prep is going to be the culprit in this case. Have I ever used a diaper that wasn’t 100% prepped? Sure. Is it a good idea if you want to achieve full absorbency and avoid leaks? No ma’am. Remember, it takes eight wash and dry cycles to completely prep your Thirsties hemp products. You can begin to use your diapers after three wash and dry cycles, but in this case, eight really is a magic number. #sorrythree

#ThirstiesTip Still feel like you need some extra absorbency? Grab a Thirsties Organic Cotton Wipe and fold in thirds. You can insert the wipe into the center of your soaker pads easily or just fold it around the outermost soaker. You get to use something that’s probably already a part of your cloth diaper routine and baby gets a little absorbency boost. #winning



Choosing a cloth diaper style can be a touch of trial and error, so don’t feel like you are alone if you don’t end up loving the very first style you choose. However, I would strongly encourage you to try the Thirsties OS NAIO as it just checks so many boxes, even for the cloth diaper veterans out there! 

When we first began cloth diapering my oldest, we tried multiple brands, so many styles and countless wash routines. Literally, every single detergent, combination of boosters and inserts, shells and fibers you can imagine. I learned very fast that simple, effective and high quality were the rules to live by and it’s served us well.

Have you tried the new Thirsties Natural One Size All In One? We’d love for you to share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

You can shop Thirsties Natural One Size All In Ones at your local retailer or online with Thirsties. For more cloth diaper tips and tricks, you can visit Thirsties on Facebook or join the online community, Thirsties Groupies.


Thirsties Organic Cotton Wipes

For some parents, the jump from cloth diapers to cloth wipes seems like an extra step. Disposable wipes seem convenient and inexpensive when, in fact, the opposite is true.

Thirsties new Organic Cotton Wipe 6 Packs are here and are officially my new favorite Thirsties product. You don’t even have to cloth diaper to absolutely need these reusable wipes to be a part of your everyday routine. (But, if you are currently thinking about cloth diapering, here is a short Cloth Diapering 101 that answers some of the most FAQs.)

In this article, we’re going to breakdown the top four reasons to use cloth wipes:

  1. Cloth Wipes are Cost Effective
  2. Reusable Options Keep Waste Out of Landfills
  3. Cloth Wipes are Multifunctional
  4. Natural Fibers Protect Baby’s Skin and are Easy to Clean

Let’s start with cost.


Cloth Wipes Are Cost Effective


When we think of saving money with cloth, we immediately think of cloth diapers. Cloth diapers can save families thousands of dollars over the length of their cloth diapering journey. However, a cost savings not everyone considers is cloth wipes.

Choosing cloth wipes can save a caregiver over $500 when compared to purchasing disposable wipes. A 56/72 count pack of disposable wipes at my local grocery store currently ranges from $2-$6.50, depending on brand. In other words, for the cost of two to three packages of disposable wipes, you could switch to a 6 pack of organic cotton cloth wipes and use them again and again.

I don’t know how fast your family goes through wipes, but I would compare our wipe use relative to the amount of times a day I hear “Mom”. With four littles, it’s extremely rare that there isn’t at least one kiddo who currently (badly) needs a wipe.

So, you still don’t feel like cloth wipes will save you that much?

Think about it this way: Relative to cost, saving $500 on disposable wipes could pay for an entire cloth diaper stash for one child. Just by switching to cloth wipes, you could pay to cloth diaper your baby too.

How much do you need to budget for cloth wipes?

This depends on how often you would like to do cloth diaper laundry. In general, plan to use one to two wipes per diaper change. (After having tested and routinely used the new Organic Cotton Wipes, it was rare that I actually needed to use two as they are a great size and perfectly thick. However, for planning purposes, let’s consider that maybe you have a serial pooper that needs two wipes per change.)


Thirsties Organic Cotton Cloth Wipes

36 wipes per day is recommended to cloth diaper a newborn being changed 10-12 times per day, provided that you wash diapers every other day. I personally like to keep around 48 on hand because our older children use our wipes as well, but 36 wipes is sufficient for cloth diapering purposes.

#ThirstiesTip Each 6 pack of wipes includes 2 green wipes, 2 blue and 2 orange. If you plan to cloth diaper while using a child care provider, you can keep track of your wipes by designating specific colors to caregivers or locations. (Think orange wipes for home, blue for daycare and green for Grandma’s.)


Reusable Options Keep Waste Out of Landfills


One of the most common reasons that parents choose to cloth diaper is to prevent even more waste from being deposited into landfills. But why stop at cloth diapers?

Not only do disposable wipes add more waste to our landfills, but they can also clog toilets and pipes through misuse. Disposable wipes can damage septic tanks, clog washing machine drains (if god forbid you accidentally wash a few) and their plastic containers can even put ocean life at risk.

Reusable options like cloth diapers and cloth wipes can help to reduce the total amount of waste your family produces on a daily basis, which is probably already more than you think. The EPA now estimates that the average American produced 4.4 pounds of waste a day and in 2014, the US produced 258 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) collectively.

To put that in perspective, 258 million tons is roughly equivalent to:

  • 28 million full grown T-Rexes or
  • 1.29 million blue whales or
  • 842,655 Boeing 747 jets or
  • 103 million pickup trucks


#ThirstiesTip Do you have a favorite Thirsties cloth diaper retailer? Next time you stop by, try bringing your own reusable bag and asking for an e-receipt to further reduce your waste production for the day.


Cloth Wipes are Multifunctional


After trying the new Thirsties Organic Cotton Wipes with our entire family, we have found what feels like an unlimited number of uses. Using cloth wipes to cloth diaper and potty train our toddler was the initial test, but we found ourselves reaching for them throughout the day for so many reasons.


Thirsties Organic Cotton Wipes

While potty training, we started gave our toddler a clean wipe to practice with after we ensured she was clean. We didn’t have to worry about wasting wipes or spending extra money on wipes while she practiced. It was also a great way to get her used to holding onto a clean wipe rather than the toilet seat (grocery store bathroom practice FTW!).

Because the new Organic Cotton Wipes are 8.5” x 8”, we were able to use the wipe once, fold it in half and use it again. The sizing on these is so perfect for cloth diapering, but I also found myself needing to use less wipes in general.

Here are some more ways we use our Thirsties cloth wipes on a daily basis:

  • In place of paper towels for wiping down surfaces in our vehicles and home
  • In place of tissues for noses, hands and faces
  • As a washcloth for bath time
  • As a newborn doubler (one wipe, folded in half)
  • In place of napkins in school lunches
  • In place of the nursing pads that were left forgotten at home
  • In place of a teether (one wet wipe, folded lengthwise several times and frozen)
  • To wipe down grocery store carts (with Thirsties Booty Luster)
  • In place of literally everything while camping


The uses for cloth wipes are endless. They can be essential in school classrooms, vehicles, on the go, at the park and in the bathroom. The colored thread makes them easy to separate for different uses, if you choose to, and stains sun out so easily.

#ThirstiesTip Sunning wipes is a great first ‘chore’ for littles! Helping to set out and keep an eye on cloth wipes while the sun bleaches out their stains is great responsibility practice and carefully stacking them back up to put away can be fun fine motor skill practice.


Natural Fibers Protect Baby’s Skin and are Easy to Clean


As Thirsties introduces more and more natural options to their collection, like the new Natural One Size Pocket Diaper, it’s becoming easier to build an entire cloth diaper system strictly with natural fibers. Natural fibers can eliminate rashes and help to make your cloth diaper laundry routine a little simpler.

The new Organic Cotton Wipes contain 2 thick layers of 100% certified organic cotton. Many other products contain organic cotton, but are comprised of a blend using synthetic materials as well. If your baby has highly sensitive skin, blends may not be an option.

Choosing natural fibers will not only be easier on your baby’s skin, but it will also make cleaning your wipes easier as well. You can wash your cloth wipes with your Thirsties cloth diapers using the same routine and detergent.

The same wash routine will not work perfectly for every family, so yours may look slightly different from another cloth diapering caregiver. But, in general, here is an easy to follow wash routine recommended by Thirsties that you can combine with your favorite cloth diaper safe detergent:

  • Prewash on warm with half the recommended amount of detergent.
  • Wash on hot with the recommended amount of detergent.
  • Add another rinse on warm.
  • Hang dry or dry in the dryer on low. If your wipes are stiff after line drying, you can throw them in the dryer on low heat with some wool dryer balls to help soften them.


Remember, solids cannot go through your machine and the rules are the same for solids in cloth wipes as they are for cloth diapers: Remove all solids completely before starting your wash routine.




I’ve always used cloth wipes as a part of my regular cloth diaper routine, but I’ve found myself using them more and more as our littles grow and the messes become bigger. The new Organic Cotton Wipe 6 Packs are my favorite cloth wipes to date and have quickly replaced a large portion of our collection. Even my husband let me know ‘these ones wipe more stuff up. Get more of these thick ones with colors’. #dadterms

There’s nothing better than feeling like supermom when you forget a booster, a nursing pad or a clean place to change baby and realize that cloth wipes will totally do the trick! It’s always those moments (even though my toddler refused to wear a shirt today) that make me feel like maybe I’ll survive parenting after all. #withmorecoffee

You can shop Thirsties Organic Cotton Wipes at your local retailer or online with Thirsties. For more potty training tips and tricks, you can visit Thirsties on Facebook or join the online community, Thirsties Groupies. Have you tried the new cloth wipes from Thirsties? If so, let us know what you love about them in the comments!