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Defects are rare, but they do occasionally occur and we apologize wholeheartedly if you have received a defective Thirsties product. We stand behind our products and are happy to work with you to provide a resolution.

Our Warranty:

  • Your product is under limited warranty for possible return for up to 1 year after the original purchase date.
  • Defects include loose stitching, holes discovered upon arrival, broken snaps, etc.
  • Staining, fading, holes that develop with use and potential build-up are all considered normal ‘wear and tear’ and does not suffice for repair or replacement purposes.
  • Leaks are not considered a defect. Please search our database for detailed instructions in battling leaks or call us and we will be happy to troubleshoot with you to ensure successful cloth diapering.
  • If your products were damaged by the use of additives or improper care, the warranty will be void.

If your product meets our warranty guidelines please click here to complete the necessary information.

What to Expect Next:

Upon receipt of your information a customer representative will review and contact you shortly.  If a replacement item is deemed necessary, we will send the same color and size of the defective diaper at no cost to you. Your replacement product will arrive with a prepaid label to send your defective item back to us.

If possible, we will repair the defective items and donate to supply needy families with cloth diapers and accessories.

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It is time to Polka Dance! We are excited to announce our newest print; Polka Dance! This cute unisex polka dot print ties into all of the colors from our Duo Line. The base color of the diaper is our ‘Mud’ color (chocolate) scattered with bright colored polka dots from our other colors.


The new print will be available in the Duo Line, including; Duo All In One, Duo Diaper, Duo Wrap. The new print comes in both snap and hook n’ loop closures.


Be sure to visit your favorite Thirsties cloth diaper retailer or search our database of current authorized retailers.


Korova Cookies

Korova Cookies (Photo credit: jazzijava)

Have you ever had one of those days? Has getting out of bed ever been like trying to budge a boulder? Has it ever taken everything you’ve got to get through the day? Of course you have, you are a parent!

On those particularly difficult days, I find myself needing to take a break from routine, and do something that feels good.  It may be a little ritual that you take a few minutes for, such as going outside for some fresh air and sun, staring out the window and nibbling on a chocolate, or relaxing in an oversized chair with throw and a cup of hot apple cider. (Those are some of my favorite things!) It may be something that takes more time such as, “Hey kids, let’s go to the park and throw the Frisbee!” or “Honey, let’s go out tonight, just you and me!” It is not only kids that need that kind of spontaneous fun. Although we are grown ups, we need that break, that bit of fun to keep us young and to forget about the responsibilities of life for a few moments.

How do you take 5?

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At Thirsties, we are always trying to improve the customer experience for the diaper changers and diaper wearers. Please take a surveyindexfew minutes to complete the following survey and become eligible to win FREE diapers and accessories from Thirsties. We appreciate your time and valuable input.


* Grand Prize: Winner’s choice of up to $250 in Thirsties products.

* Second Prize: Winner’s choice of up to $200 in Thirsties products.

* Third Prize: Winner’s choice of up to $150 in Thirsties products.


*Entries are limited to first 1,500 participants

*Survey will close at 9:00 a.m. EST on Monday, March 25, 2013 or when we reach 1,500 participants.

*Winners will be notified on Monday, March 25th at 3:00 p.m. EST.

*Shipping is included in the United States only. All international winners will be responsible for costs associated with shipping.

*1 entry per person

To take the survey click HERE !

We are celebrating our Thirsties New Look” with one more giveaway where you can win FREE Thirsties products. The giveaways are in Trivia form. We will post questions and you will need to answer them correctly to receive an entry. To be able to answer the questions you will need to view our new brand video, savings calculator, and cloth diapering 101 page.

NOTE: To ensure that the new website loads correctly, please clear your cache and/or browsing history and then refresh.


Today’s Trivia will include 2 questions that you will need to answer. The giveaway runs today, March 8th from 11am est-10pm est. The Trivia giveaways are open worldwide. (see rules below in Rafflecopter entry form) We will randomly draw 4 winners from correctly answered questions. Each winner will receive 1-Thirsties Duo Diaper & 1-Thirsties Duo AIO Diaper. Winners will be posted on this blog post by the evening of March 9th.

Good luck and thank you for supporting Thirsties!
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