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Thirsties Swim Diaper

We are thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our product line, Thirsties Swim Diaper. Why throw your money away on expensive disposable swim diapers when you can easily and affordably cover your baby’s swimming needs with an adorable reusable swim diaper? With that said, let’s take a closer look at the Thirsties reusable Swim Diaper!

Thirsties Swim Diaper

Overview: Available in two sizes, Thirsties Swim Diaper is a beach or pool ready version of our popular Duo Wrap diaper cover. Size 1 fits babies approximately 6-18lbs and Size 2 fits babies roughly 18-40lbs. Thirsties Swim Diaper meets the requirements of most public pools. We’ve designed our swim diaper with your baby’s needs in mind. Mesh interior, a trim cut, customizable rise snaps, and uniquely designed hip snaps keep baby splashing in comfort. Thirsties signature double leg gussets and waterproof exterior shell will keep you and everyone else swimming worry-free!

Let’s talk about the cuteness factor. Thirsties Swim Diaper comes in our adorable Beach Bum Babies Print Collection including: Surf’s Up, Whales, and Beach Party. Beach Bum Babies

With a fun geometric wave pattern, cool color palette, and Thirsties “Finn” gray trim any #ThirstiesBaby can rock Surf’s Up. A parade of adorable pink and gray whales accented with aqua snaps and trim make “Whales” a cute print for the ocean lover in all of us. “Beach Party” is a bold summer print that brings an element of fun whether baby’s building sand castles at the beach or splashing in the sprinkler. The Beach Bum Babies Print Collection is also available in your favorite Thirsites cloth diapers and wet bag, while supplies last.

Care and Use Not only are they cute, Thirsties Swim Diapers are also easy to use. Wash once before using an additive free detergent. While baby swims, our swim diaper will contain dirty messes so you won’t be the family to shut down the pool party. To clean, shake or rinse off any solids into the toilet. Wash on warm with your regular laundry or diaper laundry. To protect your swim diaper’s components, avoid using laundry boosters/additives, sanitize or white cycle on HE machines, pure soap, bleach, and drying on high. After washing, hang dry or machine dry on low. Thirsties Swim Diapers are practical and adorable additions to any baby’s summer wardrobe.

austrialian nappy association 2017 cloth nappy awards

The Australian Nappy Association (ANA) is an organization that, “works towards markedly increasing reusable nappy use in Australia by supporting and educating key members of the cloth nappy industry and potential users. The ANA is the preeminent source of information on reusable nappies and their numerous benefits for parents, caregivers and government agencies.” Like the Real Diaper Association here in the United States, the ANA is an excellent resource for cloth diapering education, advocacy, and support.

Every year the Australian Nappy Association hosts the Cloth Nappy Awards. This friendly competition influses the Australian cloth diapering community with excitement by highlighting the best cloth diapering brands in Australia. Thirsties is honored to have three products nominated in the 2017 Cloth Nappy Awards: Thirsites Natural All in One, Duo Wrap, and One Size Pocket Diaper. Voting is easy and there are 6 prize packages worth over $1000 each available for residents of Australia. Go here to vote for your favorite Thirsties products!

Australian Nappy Association Cloth Nappy Awards

At Thirsties we strive to make cloth diapering easy and affordable for everyone, everywhere! We believe providing our customers with excellent products is the best way to #makeclothmainstream. We’d like to thank our Australian retailers and the Australian Nappy Association for helping more folks learn about Thirsties! #getintocloth #ThirstiesInternational



I don’t know about you, but some of my favorite childhood memories are of family roadtrips. Whether it is a day trip or an epic cross country drive, roadtrips are a great way to captiolize on the best things about summer, family and fun. This is what Thirsties new print, Road Trip, is all about!


At Thirsties, we believe anyone can cloth diaper anywhere; so to celebrate next week’s release of Road Trip, and to spread cloth diapering awareness, we’re hosting the #ThirstiesRoadTrip Challenge. We want to cover the map and social media with cloth diapering goodness!  Cloth diapering families, bloggers, and retailers are invited to take selfies with Thirsties cloth diapers by their favorite local landmarks or simply add the #ThirstiesRoadTrip logo to one of their favorite family travel pics and post it on social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ThirstiesRoadTrip and remember by participating in the challenge you are giving Thirsties permission to recirculate your images.


To thank you for participating in our challenge we’re giving away two amazing prize packages including a Natural All in One in Road Trip, Wet Bag in Road Trip, a pack of Organic Cotton Wipes, Booty Luster, and Booty Love. That’s over $80 of Thirsties goodness made with love in beautiful Colorado. Even more exciting, this giveaway is open WORLD WIDE. Yes, Thirsties is going international!

To enter, simply post your #ThirstiesRoadTrip pic on your favorite social media outlet and fill out the giveaway form below. Don’t worry if your social media accounts are private, all you need to enter if the link from you social media image post. Here’s how to get that link from your image posts:

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how to copy a link on twitter

We hope that posting these images on your personal social media accounts will give you opportunties to share with your friends and family your love of cloth. Thank you for choosing Thirsites and thank you for doing your part to #MakeClothMainStream!


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Thirsties All in One

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Whether you celebrate Easter, Passover, or the coming of Spring, this is a time of rebirth in so many ways. Be it a celebration of your spirituality, an end to Lent, or an appreciation for nature’s newness, there’s much to celebrate. Even just the return of a warmer season brings a simple, newfound joy.

If you’re having a fun celebration, taking some nice, dressy photos, or just letting the kids run around sans the heavy warm weather clothes, it’s a great time to show off your favorite fluff. (It’s also a practical way to advocate for greener practices during the month of April – aka Earth Month!)

Here are some of my favorite fresh fluff colors and prints for springtime (a handful are retired prints, so if you’re lucky enough to own one, you’re a lucky duck!):


Moss is actually more of a blue color with a fair amount of green to help deepen the tone. It’s a cheery, bright color that I used to aim for when I made my Easter eggs as a kid.



After a winter of gray, some Aqua is just what we need. This color reminds me of that first gorgeous blue sky that you just HAVE to go outside and enjoy after a long, dull winter.



Between the combination of yellow, aqua, white, midnight blue and the whimsical birds, branches, leaves, and flowers, this diaper just screams spring. Dare I call it magical?


Alice Brights

Just. So. FUN! Whether you have the still-available purple/pink/yellow version or the rare mix that includes green and orange (!), this diaper is made for bare leggin’ it. Show off those flowers!



Meadow is the perfect color for celebrating the welcome of spring with its bright grassy green cheerfulness. This would be a great pop of color underneath a plain or white dress.



Speaking of white, if you’re having a formal photo shoot and don’t want the diaper to steal the show (especially if baby is all in white), White keeps things classy and fresh…well, as fresh as a diaper can be!

Here are some rarer finds, but still perfect for Easter if you can get your hands on one!


Polka Dance

I don’t know why, but don’t polka dots make you think of Easter? Maybe they look like eggs, or just remind us of decorating…or they’re just plain ol’ fun! Either way, these multi-colored polka dots on a brown background are exactly that – FUN!


Warm Stripes & Cool Stripes

Take your pick! Just like a basketful of decorated eggs, the stripes (in warm colors like green, orange, pink, and lavender or cool colors like brown, green, yellow, and blue) on these dipes scream “celebrate!”

What do you think? Would you add any other prints or colors to help celebrate Spring and Easter? Feel free to share in the comments!