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Whether you celebrate Easter, Passover, or the coming of Spring, this is a time of rebirth in so many ways. Be it a celebration of your spirituality, an end to Lent, or an appreciation for nature’s newness, there’s much to celebrate. Even just the return of a warmer season brings a simple, newfound joy.

If you’re having a fun celebration, taking some nice, dressy photos, or just letting the kids run around sans the heavy warm weather clothes, it’s a great time to show off your favorite fluff. (It’s also a practical way to advocate for greener practices during the month of April – aka Earth Month!)

Here are some of my favorite fresh fluff colors and prints for springtime (a handful are retired prints, so if you’re lucky enough to own one, you’re a lucky duck!):


Moss is actually more of a blue color with a fair amount of green to help deepen the tone. It’s a cheery, bright color that I used to aim for when I made my Easter eggs as a kid.



After a winter of gray, some Aqua is just what we need. This color reminds me of that first gorgeous blue sky that you just HAVE to go outside and enjoy after a long, dull winter.



Between the combination of yellow, aqua, white, midnight blue and the whimsical birds, branches, leaves, and flowers, this diaper just screams spring. Dare I call it magical?


Alice Brights

Just. So. FUN! Whether you have the still-available purple/pink/yellow version or the rare mix that includes green and orange (!), this diaper is made for bare leggin’ it. Show off those flowers!



Meadow is the perfect color for celebrating the welcome of spring with its bright grassy green cheerfulness. This would be a great pop of color underneath a plain or white dress.



Speaking of white, if you’re having a formal photo shoot and don’t want the diaper to steal the show (especially if baby is all in white), White keeps things classy and fresh…well, as fresh as a diaper can be!

Here are some rarer finds, but still perfect for Easter if you can get your hands on one!


Polka Dance

I don’t know why, but don’t polka dots make you think of Easter? Maybe they look like eggs, or just remind us of decorating…or they’re just plain ol’ fun! Either way, these multi-colored polka dots on a brown background are exactly that – FUN!


Warm Stripes & Cool Stripes

Take your pick! Just like a basketful of decorated eggs, the stripes (in warm colors like green, orange, pink, and lavender or cool colors like brown, green, yellow, and blue) on these dipes scream “celebrate!”

What do you think? Would you add any other prints or colors to help celebrate Spring and Easter? Feel free to share in the comments!



The tribe of cloth diapering families is a wonderfully unique one. This community of parents and care givers daily step outside the “norm,” choosing products that are better for their children and the environment. The #ThirstiesRealLife Photo Contest celebrates this tribe, the fabulous diapers they use, and the little ones who make this stage of life so special!

Here’s how the photo contest works. Thirsties fans capture  photos of our products in their “real” lives. Then they share their images on Instagram and/or in The Thirsties Groupies Official Fan Chat on Facebook using the hashtag #ThirstiesRealLife. Every Thursday we select one or two images as that week’s feature photos. At the end of the month, these feature photos are then finalists in the #ThirstiesRealLife Photo Contest. Fans select the winning photo by voting for their favorite images on IG and Facebook.

Here are the March 2017 finalists and winning image:

“I feel the same way bud. After a week of gorgeous temps, we woke up to this white stuff they call snow. Yuck. #thirstiesreallife “

“Little boys blue #thirstiesreallife “

“So, Thirsties is my favorite brand! It was before little brother was born, but it definitely is now! Love this adorable newborn aio. Thirsties covers and duo wraps fit so wonderfully and the gussets are awesome! Now that OS are beginning to fit, Thirsties NAIO fits so nice! I’m glad they make the bulk of my stash anyway, but I think I’m in love. Also, best wipes. I think I need to buy one of everything else Thirsties has! Hahaha #thirstiesreallife”


“My 3 year old adoring her 6 hour old brother before bed ❤️ #thirstiesreallife”

“A beary good time #thirstiesreallife”

“Skin to skin nursing wearing Alice Brights Pocket Diaper by Thirsties #thirstiesreallife”

“Last few days I have been so grateful for babywearing. Coco has been refusing to nap and putting him up and rocking him (maybe a little boob) has been the only thing to put him to sleep. Also super grateful I was able to successfully transfer him. #thirstiesreallife”

Congratulations to Instagramer, @_evilani_ and a big shout out to everyone who participated this month! We look forward to seeing everyone’s April photos. Happy cloth diapering and thank you for making us a part of your #ThirstiesRealLife!

We can’t think of a better way to start 2017 than with a celebration of cloth diapers and adorable little ones. Well friends, that is exactly what the #ThirstiesRealLife Photo Contest is ALL about! The early years of our children’s lives are here and gone before we know it. Thankfully, as photographer Roger Kingston says, “A camera is a save button for the mindseye.”

In that spirit, every month Thirsties has a fun photo contest in which folks capture and share their #ThirstiesRealLife moments on Instagram or in the Thirsties Groupies on Facebook. On Thursday every week we select one or two feature photos, which become finalists in the photo contest. At the end of the month fans vote for their favorite photos. Here are the finalists for January 2017.


This month we had a record number of votes, over 1,000! Now that’s what we call working to #makeclothmainstream! We appreciate all our fans for making Thirsties a part of this precious time in their children’s lives and sharing their cloth diapering journies with our community on social media.


Congratulations to baby #7 and her mommy, Jeanellis, on being January’s winning photo! The prize this month is winner’s choice of diaper in our adorable limited edition print, Love Notes. We look forward to seeing everyone’s #ThirstiesRealLife February photos and celebrating #ClothCommunity Day with everyone tomorrow, February 2nd. Happy cloth diapering all and thank you for choosing Thirsties!

Thirsties Love Notes



The holidays are marked with such vibrant memories we get to December and can hardly believe a whole year has past. Has it been a whole year already? I remember when… One of our favorite things to do at the end of December is look back and remember the last twelve months and celebrate what made the year special. In that spirit here is Thirsties 2016 Year in Review.

2016 was a year full of amazing new products and fabulous cloth diaper prints and colors. Starting us off in January was the release of our Valentine’s print, “Straight to My Heart.”

Thirsties Cloth Diapers

In February 2016 we released our Organic Cotton Wipes and celebrated #ClothCommunityDay.

March was a noteworthy month because we started broadcasting live through Thirsties Facebook Page. #ThirstiesLive is a wonderful opportunity for us to connect with our customers and folks in the cloth diapering industry. We strive to provide excellent education, conversation, and content during our broadcasts.

thirsties cloth wipes

 April, what a big month for us! In thanks to our customers engaging with us on social media, we started our monthly #ThirstiesRealLife Photo Contest. We were honored to help sponsor the Make Cloth Mainstream Challenge and celebrated Earth Day. Finally we released a product that was over a year in the making, Thirsties Natural One Size All in One.

thirsties natural one size all in one

We released our Natural Newborn All in One Diaper and two adorable prints in May: a fun whimsical floral print, Billy Buttons, and a beautiful print, Hope, proceeds of which benefited the non-profit Giving Diapers Giving Hope.

thirsties billy buttons


Continuing with our line of natural fiber products, we introduced our Natural One Size and Newborn Fitteds in July 2016. We also released our Organic Cotton Doublers.

Thirsties Natural Fitted


Come August, we closed out summer in style with two water color painted prints, Watermelon Party and Cactus Garden. watermelon party cactus garden

In September, we helped spread the word about cloth diapers being a real solution for #diaperneed during Diaper Need Awareness Week.


With the annual ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas October, tends to be a busy month for us at Thirsties and this year was no exception.



We were thrilled to partner with many of our retailers and reveal our new Outdoor Adventure Collection right from the trade show floor in Vegas!


Outdoor Adventure Collection


Finally, in December we ushered in the winter holiday season with the release of our Holiday Collection including Winter Woods and Scarlet.

thirsties holiday collection

With the launches of incredible new prints, colors, and products, working with amazing retailers, and engaging a growing customer base, Thirsties has much to celebrate at the end of 2016. On behalf of everyone here at Thirsties, we want to extend our sincerest thanks for making Thirsties products a part of your parenting journey.




Here at Thirsties, we’re passionate about the Great Outdoors. Camping, hiking, simply basking in the breathtaking beauty – it’s one of the things that make life great. That’s why we’re ecstatic to share with you our newest release – during the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service – Thirsties Outdoor Adventure Collection. The Collection includes 4 new nature-inspired prints and 1 new color.  Available in all your favorite sizes, styles, and absorbencies, these colors and prints evoke the fun, serene calm, and beauty of the outdoors.

Thirsties Happy Camper

Happy Camper

This hand-drawn print served as the starting point for the Outdoor Adventure Collection. Our designer doodled some of our favorite aspects of camping and scanned them into her computer, resulting in an adorable work of art. With cheerful birds, quaint picnic tables, classic canoes, s’mores by the camp fire, pop up tents, and even line-drying diapers, this print will make any #ThirstiesBaby a Happy Camper!

Thirsties Adventure Trail

Adventure Trail

Notice the little raccoon in Happy Camper? Well, this little guy joins a couple of his woodland friends in our next print, Adventure Trail. This print showcases some of our favorite outdoor activities: hiking, nature watching, fishing, and canoeing.  Blue snaps compliment the color palette, giving this print a “rustic chic” look. Blue trim is available in our Duo Wrap and OS Pocket Diaper product lines.

Thirsties Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue

The navy blue found throughout the Outdoor Adventure Collection is our new solid, Midnight Blue. Paired with white snaps and white trim (in select diaper lines) this solid gives the Collection a touch of modern sophistication and would be a classic addition to anyone’s cloth diaper stash.

Thirsties Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

Given that some of #TeamThirsties commute to work via bike, it’s no surprise that “Mountain Bike” is a new favorite for many of us. When viewed at a distance this print has a funky geometric feel. Take a closer look and details of mountains, clouds, bikes, trees, and birds give this print a sense of adventure and fun. Not to  miss out on any fun, our little raccoon even makes a cameo in ‘Mountain Bike.”

Thirsties Birdie


After a morning flight along the tree line in “Mountain Bike,” a family of cheerful yellow birds settle in amongst the flowers and leaves in the final Outdoor Adventure print, “Birdie.” Aqua snaps coordinate with the print’s details and create a lovely contrast with the adorable yellow birdies. (Duo Wrap and OS Pocket Diaper diaper lines feature aqua trim as well.) Rainbow tulips and variegated leaves make this a beautifully whimsical print that captures the serenity of the outdoors.

Thirsties Outdoor Adventure Collection

The Outdoor Adventure Collection

The Outdoor Adventure Collection releases on November 2, 2016 and can be purchased individually or in packages in the following diaper lines: Duo Wrap, Natural Newborn All In One, Natural One Size All In One, One Size Pocket Diaper, One Size All In One, Newborn All In One, and Wet Bag.