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2019: A Look Back!

2019 is coming to a close and it’s time to take a look back!

This year was a big one for Thirsties and included not only new prints, but lots of new products as well. The Simply Sustainable collection brought an entirely fresh look to wet bags and provided us with so many new options for lunches, gym bags, diaper bags and more.

We even saw some retired prints in the Simply Sustainable line such as O2 Revival, Melon Party, Classic Jurassic, Floribunda, Cactus Garden, Farm Life and Moon Blossom. Newer releases have included these new bags as well and are perfect for the pool, gift giving, sports clothes and organization.

Prints & Colors:

The Thirsties prints have been so gorgeous this year! We’ve had a fair mix of limited edition releases and quite a few regular lineup releases as well including a full fall collection, Nature’s Canopy.

The following … Read More

Merry Moose-Mas!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merrrrrrrrry Moose-mas! Just in time for winter, we would like to introduce our limited-edition print, Merry Moose-mas! Nothing says winter is here more than moose, evergreens, and snowflakes, and with happy red binding and snaps that coordinate with our moose’s cozy, plaid scarf.

We think Merry Moose-mas will keep everyone in the holiday spirit well beyond the new year! Merry Moose-mas is available in Duo Wrap (2 sizes in hook & loop, 3 sizes in snaps), Natural Newborn All in One, Natural One Size All in One, Newborn All in One, One Size All in One, Pocket Diaper, Natural Pocket Diaper, Clutch Bag, Mini Wet Bag, Wet Bag, and Wet Dry Bag.

Tip of the day: Wet Bags make the CUTEST wrapping paper and double as second gifts! We love using all sizes of wet bags for gift exchanges, awkward gifts that are difficult to wrap, new … Read More

Pandamonium is back!

With Black Friday quickly approaching, we would like to reintroduce Pandamonium, the print that didn’t quite make it into the Animalia Collection. To refresh your memory, Pandamonium was going to be the fourth print in last year’s collection, but there were some textural watercolor accents in the background that looked great on the screen, but didn’t quite translate as well as we wanted it to on the fabric. Last year, we offered Pandamonium with Lagoon binding and snaps. This year, we have tweaked it just a bit with black binding and snaps (Jet anyone?), and it really pops!

Besides the new trim color, this year, our Pandamonium print will be available in our new Simply Sustainable line as well. Mini Wet bags, Clutches and Wet Dry bags will join the usual product line in this limited edition release. In addition to the new bag line, Pandamonium will be available in … Read More

Switching to Cloth Late In the Game

Dear parents of older babies, babies who have just hit their first birthday, or even toddlers,

It’s not too late to switch to cloth! There are even benefits of starting later on in the game. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of starting cloth later on in your diapering journey as well as share some tips to help you navigate the later diapering stages.

Starting Cloth

Kiddos that are 12-24 months only have between six and eight diaper changes a day, on average. In comparison, an older toddler (two year olds and older) may only need four to six diaper changes per day. This means, assuming that you are washing your diapers every other day (which is what we recommend), you can get away with having a collection of only twelve to eighteen diapers in total.

When choosing a diaper style for your older baby, … Read More

NEW from Thirsties: Nature’s Canopy

It’s that time of year again, when change is all around us, and we learn to embrace what Mother Nature has in store for the new season.

Whether you’re experiencing budding springtime plants or the changing colors of fall, we’re all under nature’s spell. What better way is there to celebrate this gift from nature than a new collection in its honor?

Introducing our new fall collection, Nature’s Canopy! Four prints and a solid, all regular lineup, make up this collection that is sure to please, because who doesn’t love nature?!

The Nature’s Canopy Collection features four prints and a solid: Arthropoda, Forest Frolic, Mountain Twilight, Night Owl, and Ice Blue. All five will be available in Duo Wrap (both closures, all sizes), Newborn All in One, One Size All in One, Natural Newborn All in One, Natural One Size All in One, Pocket Diaper, Natural Pocket Diaper, Wet Bag, … Read More