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The Perfect Fit: Thirsties’ Newborn Fitted

There are so many different Thirsties cloth diaper systems to choose from and one of our favorites is the Thirsties newborn fitted.

In this article, we are going to discuss the newborn fitted system, how to fit it on your baby and how to pair it with a cover for maximum leak protection.

The Newborn Fitted System

The name ‘fitted’ actually comes from the fact that the absorbency is shaped to fit your baby, verses a prefold diaper that would need to be folded to fit your baby.

The newborn fitted itself will be all the absorbency you could ever need in an overnight diaper, but because there is no waterproofing attached to this diaper, you will need to pair it with a Thirsties extra small cover or size one Duo Wrap.

The body of your fitted diaper is comprised of three layers of the Thirsties bamboo/cotton blend, while … Read More

Heart Heath Awareness

The most common heart conditions for children are congenital heart defects. So what is a congenital heart defect? A congenital heart defect is an anomaly in the structure of a child’s heart, usually diagnosed via ultrasound either in utero or after birth. Depending on how critical the defect, treatment could include surgery very soon after birth.

In this article, we will be discussing heart health awareness, specifically congenital heart defects, how it impacts families and how we as a community can help.

Family Impact

Much of what we discuss in this article can realistically apply to children with not only chronic heart conditions, but chronic illness as well.

Families of heart warriors can be impacted by seemingly the smallest things and can endure weeks of struggle as a result. For instance, sending your child to a playgroup or to school with the beginnings of a cold may sometimes seem ok … Read More

Thirsties’ All In Two System

Are you in search of a cloth diapering system that takes the guesswork out of cloth diapering? The Thirsties All In Two system is simple and effective. AI2s are easy to use, easy to clean and so budget friendly.

In this article, we’re going to breakdown the definition of an All In Two system, the benefits of using AI2s, how to build a collection and how to prep your diapers.

What is an All In Two System?

An All In Two system, or AI2, literally means that everything you need to cloth diaper your baby is included all in two simple pieces: a waterproof cover or Duo Wrap to keep leaks away and some sort of absorbent core. Your absorbent core can consist of a prefold, an AI2 insert, or really any sort of insert/booster combination that you like.

How you choose to customize your AI2 system … Read More

Alice Brights; The Revamp

Have you ever thought about an old Thirsties print with white snaps and binding and longed to see it with color-coordinated snaps and binding?

That’s amazing—we have, too! And if you’ve been thinking you would like some extra-bright Alice Brights in your life, well, we’re here to make your day. I mean, we all know Alice Brights was cute before, but with bright pink snaps and binding, it’s absolutely WOW!

Alice Brights is available in Duo Wrap (two sizes in hook & loop, three in snap), Natural Newborn All in One, Natural One Size All in One, Newborn All in One, One Size All in One, Natural Pocket Diaper, Pocket Diaper, Clutch Bag, Mini Wet Bag, Wet Dry Bag, and Wet Bag.

Tip of the day: in a diaper rut? Sometimes, as your baby grows, certain fibers may work better for your diaper set up than others. If you’ve previously … Read More

Using a Cloth Diaper Service

You are a brand new parent and baby has arrived! You’ve decided that you want to cloth diaper, but maybe you aren’t totally ready to commit and/or don’t want to add yet another element of parenting to deal with right away. Enter: a cloth diaper service.

In this article, we will be discussing what makes up a cloth diaper service, reasons to choose a cloth diaper service, how exactly to use a diaper service and the benefits of using a cloth diaper service.

What is a cloth diaper service?

A cloth diaper service is a professional cleaning service that takes your dirty diapers every week and gives you a fresh, clean set in exchange.

Usually, cloth diaper services are set up on a monthly payment basis and can be great options for new parents who are navigating the ins and outs of parenting for the very first time.


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