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Totes ready to get organized!

Sorry, not sorry, tote puns are the best!

Thirsties unveiled their new Simple Tote this summer, and it is a hit amongst our best fans! While we all know what totes are for, let’s take a peek at what your fellow parents are loving them for. First, a few specifications:

  • Waterproof TPU interior prevents leaking and wicking (holy smokes, it holds wet stuff without leaks!)
  • Bag measures 16″W x 15.5″H
  • 13″ drop from shoulder

Shannon loves hers for the beach:

Thirsties Simple Tote bag at the beach.

Svetlana is a fan for beach usage, too:

Thirsties Simple Tote Bag at the beach with girl in a pink hoodie playing in the background.

Eva prefers hers for library runs and story time:

Mom walking down the sidewalk using a Thirsties Simple Tote for her library book.

Cathie’s daughter loves the storage for the back of her wheelchair:

Thirsties Simple Tote hanging on the back of a wheelchair

So whether you need it for outdoor potty training supplies like Jenny:

Thirsties Simple Tote back on the ground sitting next to a kids potty seat

Or an every day bag like Anna:

The Simple Tote is simply the best for waterproof protection for every day organization. A thank you to our Groupies for supplying these … Read More

Diaper stinks…and how to fix it ;)

So, you have made the decision to cloth diaper, YAY! You ordered 1 or 2, you have tried them on, reached out to customer service to get a great fit, posted in the Thirsties Groupies to show off your first diapers… and then a few weeks later, it hits you. Something stinks and you need to troubleshoot odor issues!

First thing’s first, remember:

Let’s start with a simple routine overview.

  • warm prewash
  • regular hot wash with the recommended amount of mainstream (or eco friendly*) detergent
  • rinse x 2
  • machine dry on low to medium heat

*some great choices for a more environmentally friendly detergent include Country Save and Planet

If you are washing every 1-2 days, using this routine ^, and still running into issues, let’s troubleshoot a little.

How to wash cloth diapers: prewash, hot wash with detergent, extra rinse, dry on low

“Clean” Diapers Should NOT Stink

When you take your diapers out of the dryer, press them to your nose. You should … Read More

Meet “The Cloth Option”

Thirsties Baby is excited to introduce our guest blogger this week, Sadie Cora, and the organization that Thirsties is proud to support <3

Our story

The Cloth Option (TCO) was founded in late 2018 by a group of cloth diaper advocates who wanted to work to increase access to cloth diapers, within a social justice-oriented organization. Our program is run 100% by volunteers who give their time because of their belief in our mission. Our organization operates as a collective, and each member-advocate has decision making power to vote on important decisions. 

We launched our cloth diaper loan distribution program in January of 2019. Since that time, our organization has grown to over 65 volunteers in 31 states, and has provided cloth diapers to over 3,300 children. We estimate that we have replaced over 10 million disposable diapers. 

Our mission: The mission of The Cloth Option is to advocate for Read More

Comparing Thirsties Natural All-In-One Diapers

When families choose which cloth diaper they want to use, often their list includes

  • Easy to launder
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Universal sizing

Which describes Thirsties One Size All-In-One perfectly! Thirsties makes *three* kinds of OS AIO, one made with synthetic fibers and two that use natural fibers. In this article, we’re going to compare the natural fiber version (NAIO for short) and the natural stay-dry variety (SDNAIO). Let’s take a look at both of these great diapers <3

How are Thirsties Stay Dry Natural AIO and NAIO Alike?

  • Both will fit most babies from 8-40 pounds
  • Both will provide a one-step on-and-off process
  • Both adjust with rise snaps to make them taller or shorter on your child
  • Both wash easily and are able to be machine dried
  • Both come in adorable prints with a lot of built-in absorbency!

How are Thirsties Stay Dry Natural AIO and NAIO

Read More

Washing Cloth Diapers Tips & Myths

You Can Clean Your Cloth Diapers

The number one reason families *do not* choose cloth diapers as an option for their growing family is hesitancy about laundry and getting their diapers clean.

Let’s debunk this a little and talk about how we can overcome it! If you are in cloth diapers part or full time, you probably have seen a plethora of differing opinions and misinformation when it comes to keeping these pieces of fabric clean. Something previous generations did without issue is now a hot mess of confusing jargon, “approved” wash routines and clean “tests” that take time and open Pandora’s box of fixes with the added bonus of worry that your diapers could actually be harming your baby with trapped bacteria. Take a deep breath and remember, you can successfully clean cloth diapers without overcomplicating things.

Keep Your Wash Routine Simple

Cloth diaper washing IS easy! The graphic … Read More

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