Additives can refer to ingredients in a detergent, or products added along with your detergent.  Now, I know that I have posted many articles on this subject. This post is about what you can or cannot add with your detergent in your cloth diaper laundry. We use these recommendations every day in speaking with our customers, so I think this will be well received information!

As many of you know, advice on what to add with your detergent varies from one manufacturer to another. Thirsties recommendations are from research, experience, and feedback from our awesome customers. 😉

We do not recommend adding anything along with your detergent, unless you have a problem. Using the proper wash routine and a good cloth diaper detergent will help you to avoid many potential issues. Using enough water is the most important factor in cleaning diapers. Please make sure that there is enough water in your diaper load to clean the diapers properly. You will want to make sure that the diapering products are saturated and covered with water.

If any of you read my posts often, you may know that I like charts. I have made up another one for additives – which ones you can use, and which ones you cannot. I have thrown sanitize cycles in here, because they can serve a purpose in cleaning.

Baking Soda Bleach, Chlorine Bleach, Oxygen Borax Calgon Water Softener Fabric softeners Pure soap Washing soda as an additive Sanitize cycles Vinegar
AIOs Once a month only
Covers Once a month only
Fitted Diapers Once a month only
Pocket Diapers Once a month only
Pail liners and duffles Once a month only
Key: Yes No

I would also like you to know what we recommend certain additives for:

Ammonia odor Disinfection Funky Odor Hard Water Residue – Greasy Residue – Hard Water Residue – Urine Softening Stains
Baking Soda
Bleach, Oxygen
Calgon Water Softener
Grapefruit Seed Extract
Lemon juice/water solution
Sanitize cycles
Strip *

*How to strip:

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