After 6 years with Thirsties, I am sad to say that I will be resigning from Customer Service as of June 21st. Our family has sold our home in Colorado, and will be relocating to California. You see, my husband travels, and he will mainly be working in the state of California. This will give us the opportunity to see him more. Hopefully, one day, he can stay in one place and we will have the opportunity to drive each other crazy on a daily basis. 😉

I have been blessed to live in an area with abundant outdoor activities, and twice blessed that my new location will have even more. I look forward to a warmer climate and many outdoor activities year round (I am not a cold weather lover).

I will definitely miss speaking to our wonderful customers and retailers, and our awesome staff! I want to thank all of you for making my job enjoyable; it has been great getting to know you!

I will continue to write blog articles for the summer, so keep posted!


Sonya Choron

Sonya with frame


A note from Thirsties:

Fond Farewell,

On behalf of the Thirsties team we would like to say “Thank you” to Sonya Choron for providing 6 years of exceptional customer service to our customers and retailers. Sonya’s skills set has played a vital role in Thirsties development and set the standard for our customer service going forward.  Though Sonya will be dearly missed, we are excited for the future and what it holds for her and her family. Sonya’s personality and dedication to perfection will provide her great opportunities in California and we wish her the very best!

Enjoy your new adventurers; surfing and yoga on the beach. 🙂


The Thirsties Team

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