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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Basic Care For Cloth Diapers

Before wearing…
Wash all diapers at least one time before use. Washing and drying your hemp and natural cotton diapers at least 3 times before use will wash away the natural oils that inhibit absorption. You can add them to your normal white laundry for the initial 3 wash/dry cycles, to save on water and energy.

Diaper changing station…
Shake solids into toilet after each diaper change. Store your soiled Thirsties® Cloth Diapers in a DRY diaper pail. A standard 52-quart garbage pail with a lid works great and can be purchased at your local department store. Be sure to line your pail with a Thirsties® Deluxe Diaper Pail Liner to avoid having to clean your pail on every laundry day. Simply dump the diapers into the washer and throw in the pail liner for every cloth diaper load. If you have a second liner on hand, place into the … Read More

The Wise Choice Jar: A new method to getting your child to listen

Have you ever had it happen to you? I’m certain it has. If it hasn’t yet believe, it will; one day your little darling will look into your eyes with the most innocent face and do one of the following:

1. Roll her eyes.

2. Scream, “No! You can’t make me!”

3. Completely pretend to not hear you.

What causes this unruly behavior your ask? It’s really rather simple; our children are growing up, they’re turning into mini-adults only they lack the ability to be adults. They are testing our patience and seeing if we’ll stick to the boundaries we’ve set for them.

parenting.wisechoicejar.thirstiesSigh. This was the state of my existence about six months ago. My son, Brennan, was not listening to anything I asked him to do and definitely ignoring whatever instructions discouraged anything he was currently doing. Then I resorted to raising my voice to get his attention, … Read More

It’s Thirsties Time- Made in the USA Sweepstakes Winner

Thirsties is pleased to announce the winner of the  Thirsties Made in the USA Sweepstakes.

The winner of the sweepstakes is Tracie Drew.  Tracie gets to choose $300 worth of Thirsties cloth diapering products!

Tracie, please contact us here to claim your giveaway. When you contact us let us know you are the winner and also include your email address for verification purposes. You have until August 6th at 4pm cst to claim otherwise we will draw a new winner.

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Thirsties Thursday Giveaway #97 **CLOSED**


Thirsties Thursday Giveaway:

2-Thirsties Duo All in One Cloth Diapers


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The Facts on High Efficiency Washing Machines

High Efficiency, or HE machines, can be top loading or front loading washing machines. Top-loading models look like standard machines from the outside, but like their front-loading cousin, they use different maymvwb750ywtypes of washing action to get clothes clean using less water and energy. Front-loading models are similar to machines used in Laundromats, which lift and drop clothing into the water instead of rubbing clothes around an agitator.

Many HE machines have sensors to monitor incoming water temperature and the weight of the load. They also rinse clothes with repeated high-pressure spraying instead of soaking them in a full tub of water.

Both top-loading and front-loading ENERGY STAR certified washers save resources such as gas, electricity, and water. They utilize faster spin cycles to extract more water out of the laundry, reducing dryer time and energy use.

HE Facts


Traditional machines generally require enough water to cover all the … Read More