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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Low Cost/No Cost Diapering Options

cloth diapering

I was inspired after reading an article about how to cloth diaper for little to no cost. This article spoke about how diapering products can be made from items that are already within the household. If they are not, they may be available free from community pantries or at low cost from thrift stores. Although I can sew, and used to be quite crafty, some of these ideas had never crossed my mind. Using a tee-shirt for a diaper? What a great way to re-purpose a readily available item. We realize that not everyone can purchase ready-made diapers, and for many, this can be valuable information for providing diapers and covers for their baby. This can also be a useful resource if you already have diapers, but run out and are in a pinch. (I know this has happened to some of you!)

Homemade diapers can be made from new/used

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A Special Thank You To Liza

We are very sad to be saying goodbye to Elizabeth (Liza), who has been the Mama of the “Written by Mama Monday” category on our blog for about the past 2 years.   She is an incredibly talented writer who always made her posts interesting, enjoyable to read, often informative, and generally humorous.  Based on how many comments her blog posts typically generated, we know that our readers also appreciate her writing style and find the topics of her posts to be relevant and relatable.   So, thank you Liza for all of your hard work and significant contributions.

 Below is a list of a few of Liza’s more popular posts:

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