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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Packing the Perfect Cloth Diaper Bag

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Every parent-to-be knows that a Diaper Bag is an essential item whenever one plans to leave the house with a baby. You can use anything from a stylish fabric bag that looks like an over-sized purse to something as goofy looking as a camo backpack. I mention the camo backpack only because that is what I am currently using.  My husband quickly dug it out of the garage to use when he refused to carry the more stylish alternative.  It looks a little odd but it does the trick and I like that it leaves both of my arms free to push the stroller or hold onto the hands of my older children who are bound  to run.  Less important than how it looks though, is what it holds–the necessary items for a smooth and worry free outing with the baby.

Other than the obvious necessities of … Read More

I Can Do 100 Things While Breastfeeding

I remember the slow process of getting comfortable with breastfeeding my first daughter. First, she had to perfect her latching technique and I had to perfect my own techniques: holding, situating and getting comfortable for the long haul.  Nursing a newborn is not immediately easy. You are taking the world’s smallest mouth and trying to insert into it, the world’s largest breast.  Tricky for both parties involved.  Needless to say, we both got the hang of it after a few weeks.

By the time I had my second daughter, I had no choice but to do other things while breastfeeding her–namely, things that involved our first daughter who was two and a half at the time.  Gone were the days of sitting peacefully in the nursing chair with my feet up and doing nothing more than gazing down at the silky head of my newborn.  I soon became an expert Read More

Making the Switch From Disposable to Cloth Diapers

When my husband and I were expecting our first child, we discussed whether we should use disposable or cloth diapers. We liked the idea of the environmental friendliness of cloth but worried about the extra work (as in laundry) that washing and folding the diapers might require.  We still hadn’t decided what do by the time our daughter was born.  Much to our surprise, the first diaper she ever wore was a cloth one–at the hospital!

The hospital where all three of our children were born is a  “Green Hospital.”  It has a BPA-free Mother and Baby Wing, the cafeteria uses real silverware instead of plastic, it uses 100% biodegradable plastic cups and straws made from corn, it recycles all of its paper, plastic and metal-among other things, it composts not only food but landscaping debris, and it uses cloth instead of disposable diapers.  The nurse with Read More

Have You Ever Wondered What’s in a Disposable Diaper?

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Growing up in the seventies and eighties, disposable diapers were something that I took for granted. In the late 1940s crude paper disposables first made an appearance and in 1961 a major brand of disposable diapers was launched.  Disposable diapers were originally made of paper pulp with a thin plastic covering.  Over the past 50 years, disposable diapers have changed and evolved into what is currently on the market today.  But what exactly is in these diapers?  I was surprised when I found out.

Have you ever wondered what makes modern disposable diapers so super-absorbent? It’s a chemical compound called Sodium Polyacrylate. This compound binds to liquids and can hold 200 to 300 times its weight, turning from a powdery substance into a gooey gel.  It is also used in some potting soils to help the soil retain water.  If you’ve … Read More

Going Green Beyond Cloth Diapers

Here at Thirsties, Inc., our innovative spirit takes no breaks! We are always innovating, always blossoming with new sustainable diapering ideas, and always working towards new ways to decrease our carbon footprint.  Our business model is about so much more than earning a profit.  In addition to offering a green consumer product, we believe it is equally as important to keep the environmental impact of our business to a minimum in order to protect the future of our babies.

Here is how we do it…
• Our warehouse is 100% powered by wind energy.
All carbon created in the transport of Thirsties products is 100% offset by Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).
• All fabric and components are sourced as locally as possible, thereby cutting down on unnecessary transportation (not from China).
• All cutting and sewing is completed locally as well so as to keep transport … Read More