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Thirsties Duo Wraps

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Maybe it’s the colder weather. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m on maternity leave and feeling a bit isolated. Maybe I’ve finally finished my slow transition into an introvert. But, I find myself really, really enjoying celebrating the holiday season close to home.

Just in case you’re feeling similarly, or just want to slow down your pace with some more low-key, easy ways to have some Christmas fun this month, I’m sharing some ways to do just that. Pajamas optional!

Make some cookies! When we ask our 5-year-old what his favorite part of the holiday season is, he immediately answers “making gingerbread cookies with Mommy!” (followed by “and spending time with all my family members.”) And y’know what? When I look back to my childhood, baking and decorating cut-out cookies with my mom is the first thing that pops into my head.

It’s such a simple task (well, in theory) … Read More

As we mull our options for diapering our third newborn – either part-time cloth diapering as we’ve done with our second child, or attempting to give it a 100% go (the decision involves getting a wonderful-but-overworked grandmother on board) – my mind goes to the following question: “When IS the ‘right time’ to start cloth diapering?”

As with all things parenting, there are a million opinions about everything under the sun. And, so, the longer that one parents, the more we usually learn that there really is only one (or two) opinions that matter – the child’s parents.

Sure, we can get advice from our own parents and family members. We can seek out the opinions of doctors. We can chat with our friends with kids. But, in the end, the ones who make the decisions to either do something or not, to put something off or do it sooner … Read More

Thirsties Booty Luster and Organic Cloth Wipes

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Today, we’re featuring another great topic discussed during a recent #ThirstiesLive with Laura Ankrum. 

‘Tis the season to spread nasty germs around and, unfortunately, our little munchkins aren’t immune to those bugs. Toss in the symptoms that accompany teething or a bad reaction to food and it’s pretty likely that your babe will eventually experience some kind of issue – and your cloth will bare the brunt of it! 

Here we’ll give you all you need to know the for when tummy troubles hit.

Be Prepared; Stock Up on Diapers – In case of emergency, be sure you’re ready to go through A LOT of diapers. There’s not a set number here and you can use any style that works for your family (some might want to try a cheaper option like prefolds or flats with covers while others may want to keep things as easy as possible … Read More