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Thirsties Natural All in One or Newborn All in One

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When a new baby arrives, it’s darn near impossible to maintain a sense of normalcy in your household (and kind of naive if you think you can – been there, done that!). This is an even bigger challenge when you’ve got other children in the mix. So, I thought I’d share a two-part series of posts as we grow (very) close to adding a third to our brood.

This week, I’m chatting about ways for you, as a parent, to stay connected to your older kids (while still giving your little one the attention he or she needs).

Involve your older child if they’re a helper, but don’t push it if they’re not. Who knows your child better than you? Our almost-2-year-old daughter is extremely independent, recently running to grab a couple of diapers from her room before we left the house (I would have totally forgotten them). She puts Read More

Thirsties Duo Wraps

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There’s something about a first birthday party. All the huge milestones that a baby goes through in their first 12 months are wonders to behold and celebrate. We often do this by going big – a theme, a smash cake just for them (imagine giving a 10-year-old her own cake and ooohing and aahhhing over how she goes about eating – or decimating – it), inviting TONS of people, lots of pictures (some professional ones included, too), and just an overall humongously over-the-top bash.

Speaking of bashes, I’m not “bashing” the first birthday party. Compared to some, ours have been subdued; compared to others, ours were over-the-top. I guess it all depends on who you are and what you feel is too much. I’m down for the celebration. In retrospect, however, we’ve learned from one child to the next what works best for us (and other friends and family). Maybe Read More

Thirsties One Size or Newborn All in One

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