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I recently discovered the term (and accompanying book) “fifth trimester” to describe the transition of returning to work after having a baby. While the fourth trimester, or “lying in” period, is the time you’re able to bond with the baby and focus on healing yourself, the fifth trimester is all about returning to relative normalcy.

Every trimester brings with it its own challenges, but the fifth is arguably the most challenging. The physical exhaustion that a newborn brings along with the return to a faster pace can take a huge toll. However, this is nothing compared to the emotional challenges of leaving one’s baby behind, oftentimes with a stranger.

I just returned from maternity leave, myself, this past week. While it’s my third child, it doesn’t get any easier. One of the only things that helps ease the pain – as with many of the challenges of each of having … Read More

Duo Wrap and choice of Stay Dry Duo Insert or Duo Hemp Prefold

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When you have more than one child, it’s practically a given that you’ll hand down clothing from one kiddo to the next. One of the awesome things about cloth diapering is that you can do the exact same thing with your diaper stash, depending on how hard a baby is on them.

The trick here is to master how to make your cloth go the distance. This is where we check in with our #ThirstiesLive Guru, Laura, with some great tips and tricks to extend your CD’s life.

While, officially, Thirsties Cloth Diapers are designed to diaper babies from birth to potty (we’re hesitant to give a specific life expectancy for our cloth diapers because, like clothing hand-me-downs, each household’s diaper care and use is unique), we have a lot of customer feedback about their Thirsties diapers really going the distance.

On Instagram, some of the Thirsties family weighed Read More

Thirsties Natural All in One or Newborn All in One

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Happy 2018, everybody!

The word “resolution” has gotten a bad rap lately. This year it seems that people are either fiercely against making a new year’s resolution or passionately jumping headlong into their lofty goal for 2018; not much wiggle room. While I set some meaningful intentions for the year, I felt too much negative pressure to set one in particular.

What did get me excited was the idea of creating a resolution with our family in mind. This time of year, I think to lift my mindset up from the downer of saying goodbye to the holidays, so looking forward to what this year can bring for us as a whole family is actually fun.

Here are the things I take into account when making a family resolution:

Think about what your family needs more (or less) of. Have you gotten into a rut, only leaving the house for … Read More