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One of my girl Laura’s recent #ThirstiesLive chats on the official Thirsties Facebook page (and @thirstiesinc Instagram Live!) was a topic that we’ve had tons of questions about (and that many of us have dealt with firsthand). As a family who lives in an area with pretty hard water, my ears perked up when I heard the phrase. When someone has wash issues, the first place my brain usually goes is the hardness of the person’s water.

So, I thought it’d be cool to share some of the amazing information that was put forth in case you’re having any of the issues mentioned and would like some help amending them.

What is hard water & how do you know if you have it?

The actual phrase “hard water” sounds weird, doesn’t it? “How can water be HARD? It’s…liquid.” Aside from freezing it into solid ice cubes, hard water is actually Read More

While we’ve been sending lunches for our kids to their grandmother’s (who kindly sits for us) for several years, this is the first year our son will be actually eating lunch at school. Can you hear my anxiousness about this whole thing? Kindergarten is rough, guys. 😉

Add to that the fact that I’m starting at a new school in our district so my hours are way earlier (leaving a lot to fall on my poor husband) and, y’know, my pregnancy, I’m looking for ways to streamline and simplify our lives to make mornings easier on everyone.

Enter meal planning, stage left. When we think of this concept, it usually involves dinner planning – and that’s something I’m hoping to do more of – but today I’m talking LUNCHTIME!

As far as our son’s concerned, he’s all ready to go – he got his Beat Bugs lunch tote. For us, Read More

Thirsties Booty Luster and Organic Cloth Wipes

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No matter the age of the child, we always want to help them know how special they are. Particularly when they celebrate a birthday – whether it’s their first or 21st – don’t we want to make it as awesome a day as we think they deserve? This was my experience, at least, when our oldest turned five years old recently.

We’ve made all of his birthdays (and his sister…and, for that matter, his future sibling!) fun, but between the fact that this year a) it was his last before heading off to school and b) he seems to be entering that “big kid” stage, we had a big shindig for family AND a slew of his pre-K buddies at our house. I figure we’ll switch between small family parties and doing something with a few friends from hereon in, so we wanted to make it count.

Like many boys … Read More


A little while back, I shared a little “fashion show” of clothes my daughter wears with her cloth diapers – without pants! Summertime is an awesome time to show off your cloth collection since, well, it’s so darn hot.

Of course, there are a variety of opinions about whether or not a child should be allowed out in public wearing just a diaper (whether cloth or otherwise), and everyone’s entitled to them. In our case, most of the time we might strip her down if we’re playing at our house or at a relative’s or friend’s, but for the most part we use dresses (which, y’know, what’s the difference when it comes to an almost-2-year-old?) or shorts in public places. But, seriously, whatever you prefer, you do you!

Well, I heard some comments that mentioned how fun it is to dress a little girl but that it’s harder Read More